Event: Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party

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Event: Bloggers Poolside BBQ Party
I been blogging since I turned 21. Fast forward to today and already two years that have gone by. TBH a lot of people asked me what's it like being a blogger or what's the best thing about being a blogger? Honestly, it would be the friendship that I have made in the process. Sure free stuff is nice, but those are just temporary stuff. With the people I meet at the blogging community, I learn things through their experiences and journey of being where they are today.

NY Steak Shack provided us balloons and amazing goodies

From the blogging community, we usually only hang out at the same events that we go to. The only usual bunch of people you would see me usually with would be either Mary Jane or Carinn. Haha. But thanks to Sidney, we had a blogger poolside BBQ gathering at his place. And you wont believe who he called! Aside from bloggers, he also got along a few companies to help make turn up the party. 

What's a party without food? Though it took a tad longer for the food to cook, the result was worth it. I think I went for three rounds to get my share of chicken, lamb, fish, prawns and etc. Writing and thinking back on this is actually making me hungry now. It's been a long time since I had a BBQ and now I'm crossing my fingers that one of my friends would have a BBQ soon to satisfy this crave.

Big thanks to Bakarlah BBQ for the amazing spread of BBQ-goodness

Aside from BBQ food there was also yummy cakes from Eastin Hotel. The cheesecake was AMAZING. Like ohmaigosh, I wish I took a picture for you to just witness the best cheesecake I had. Another crave that is upsetting my tummy now. Anyone thinking of having another pool party? 

Since it was a get together, it was a really chilled hangout. People brought their boyfriend, kids, husbands, while I brought Jane. heh. Kinda wish we took a picture together but I wasn't wearing make up and yeah, we kinda didn't remember to take pictures together. I guess food pictures comes first. Oh Andrew and Denise was also with us, seriously I can't believe we didn't take a group picture together. 

Jewelry making session by Kelvin Gems & Elegant Jewellery Studio

Anyways like I said everyone brought everyone with them, there were activities at the party too. Face & Body Art corner, along with jewelry making session. The kids totally dominated the booths. I wanted to join in on the fun but the line was just too long. 

Andrew getting his profile shot taken by Zung

The last activity where the crowd look forward to ought to be the photo session with Zung, the ninja photographer! In his portfolio, he has captured photos of influential people like Donald Trumps and Richard Branson. It was a little nerve wrecking during the picture taking time, as he would come super close up and everyone at the party would be staring at your shots. But Zung was super sweet, he just told me to relax and the outcome was beautiful. He showed me my pictures through his preview screen of his camera. Am looking forward for the soft copy of the pictures.

The only group picture that was taken
L-R: Kelly, Me, Jane, Rebecca and sweet Miriam 

It was a sweet chilled out time at the pool. Thankfully it wasn't too hot and had rained before we started. Just want to give a big shout out to Sidney for taking time to plan something like this for us. He's a food blogger btw, go check out his blog for amazing restaurant to dine in at  Big Boys Oven.

Also thank you, Hei Sushi and NY Steak Shack for the door gift. Sure gonna be fatter with all of the food coming around. Hopefully there would be another chill session soon. I need it ever since work started.

2 MORE WEEKS TO GO. I can do this.
Hope you all have a blessed week ahead! 
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