Review/Promotion: Triumph Magic Wire

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Review/Promotion: Triumph Magic Wire
Do you believe in Magic? I didn't at first but after a month of experiencing it, I did. What magic? It's none other than Triumph's Magic Wire Bra. It's a bra without any wire but still provides the firm support along with flexible soft shields memory cushion for the perfect fit.

Had my fitting session at Mid Valley Megamall Triumph Boutique. Seriously this boutique ought to be the prettiest I have ever seen. Even their fitting room was so spacious and it makes you feel like a princess. Got a chance to try on the Triumph Magic Wire and it was so soft I tell you.

Though there isn't any wire in the bra, the amount of support won't make you worry. It also provides a padding for those who needs an extra push in life. The material is lighter than a normal push-up bra. Love how I actually forget that I was wearing a bra, that was how comfortable it was. The Triumph Magic Wire Bra comes in 5 different colours: Pink, Yellow, Aqua Blue, Orange and Dark Blue with matching bottoms. Aside from the lace, they also have a seamless type which is perfect for t-shirts or fitted outfits.

Wearing is believing

Aside from Magic Wire, Triumph also has Aqua Enhancer Bras, which help to give comfort and cleavage push by 2 cup sizes. It also has a low V cut that can go well with any plunge down dresses or tops. The Aqua cushion is as soft a feather.

Aqua Enhancer
Did you know that 3 pieces are sold every minute in Asia?

There is also the Soft Cushion Bra which is a necessity for our everyday wear. It's perfect for those who needs extra comfort. The specialty is the memory cushions, made from malleable memory foam that gently mold to our body contours as it lifts and shapes the bust.

Soft Cushion Bra

In a nutshell, this Magic Wire bra provides me the support and comfort without a wire. Which is great because after a long day of work, I don't want to be feeling uncomfortable. So ever since I got this, it really is like magic and the softness is like no other. However, for those above D cup, I won't recommend this to you as the wire is needed for a firmer support.

Oh btw, this year Triumph is celebrating their 20 Years of Maximizer Magic in Asia as ‘The Maker of Fine Lingerie Since 1886’. Don’t forget to check out Triumph Malaysia Facebook page for “Triumph Celebrates 20 Years Of Maximizer Magic Contest” to win a Triumph Maximizer set! 

Now don't say I don't share with you promo stuff! Use Magic Code: "JessyMagic20" at selected Triumph counter to enjoy RM20* off on a Triumph Maximizer bra. Triumph Magic Wire collection available athttp://on.fb.me/1IFw2t7 valid until 31st May 2015 only. Terms and Conditions apply.

For more information, visit Triumph:

Have a beautiful day ahead girls!
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