Tech: Finding Love with A Click and Lunch (LunchClick)

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Tech: Finding Love with A Click and Lunch (LunchClick)

Oh dating, it never gotten so simple as how we have it today. Back then people matched friends up as a blind date, today we got apps to help give us a selection of people we want. However, most of the apps found available tend to be more focus to catering to guys. We heard of apps where people would go to for a fling or just nothing a one time thing, but what about those who are actually looking for something serious? Or dare I say, what about those who are looking for a serious relationship?

After all of the fun and games, it's nice to have someone around and know that you could rely on them. Instead of just looking for some fun, it's nice to go back to that one person. But how do we find that do that when most of the dating apps these days are usually occupied with the very same people who are just looking for excitement instead of a long term? Plus most of the time you wonder whether the people you match on your app is actually single or not.

What if I told you there is an app that is actually created with the main idea to provide women a safe experience for dating? It's none other than LunchClick. You know what they say, "curiosity kills the cat", I was given an opportunity to try this app out and the features in it is like no other dating app I have seen before (Yes I'm guilty of using a dating app, I bet lots of us are).

Whats the difference? Well, for those looking for a safe dating app environment can be relief to know that LunchClick has a strict profile approval. They actually have a Love Assistant (a real person!) sitting in the office, and this person will manually approve all incoming profiles to ensure that users do not have inappropriate pictures or that they're not actually attached. Seriously, I don't understand those who are in a relationship yet found in a dating app or site. It just really unfair to the other users or their partner. Either ways both will get hurt, so I'm really glad that LunchClick actually goes through each profile. All profile approval will take less than a day to be approve.

Something different about this app that benefits the serious daters would be, this app provides a 1 match a day. So this won't give the satisfaction to those daters who are just looking forward to play "the numbers games"/" who gets the most matches". Also, for us girls, this would help filter all of the unnecessary messages from creepy guys.

And when your match and you "like" each other within 24 hours, you get to post a few questions to your match or vise-versa. If you feel like you're out of stuff to talk about, there is even some questions provided to help get to know your match's opinion, interest, style and etc. Goodbye to awkward conversation! Hello LunchClick. 

#LunchClick and #LoveStartsWithAClick

So what are you waiting for?
Download LunchClick via Play Store or App Store!

For more details, go to their website, LunchClick : www.lunchclick.co

You just might meet Mr/Ms Right in just a click away :)
Happy clicking everyone!
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