Event: Takakurazome Kyoto (Fahrenheit88, KL)

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Event: Takakurazome Kyoto (Fahrenheit88, KL)
To some it might be a splatter of colour on a canvas but for me, it was a phoenix shedding it's wings while flying by the rainbow sky and with an emerging ocean blue tornado coming it's way. What do you see? We all perceive things differently, especially through art. It makes us unique. For some, art may be shapes or colour, but to others, it could tell a story. 

When it was finish, the artist, Kazuhiko Takakura, explained that the blue swirls represented symbols of turbulence, and the eagle image emerging out of it represents human spirit.

The brand, Takakurazome Kyoto was created since 1897. A practitioner of kendo (Japanese Way of the Sword) and love to Japanese ancient traditions, Kazuhiho incorporates the 800-year-old art of dyeing into his merchandises. He would turn traditional kimono designs into modern attire.

Picture Credit: Azneal Ishak

Dressed in his collection which themed Cosmic. Takakura also explained that the new collection took six months to create and was inspired by his love for nature.

Ever had that problem of running into someone on the street with the same attire on? You would be surprise that Takakurazome Kyoto designs are one of a kind, so when you buy them, you can rest a sure that no one else has it.

Early this month, Takakura launched a new collection of art inspired streetwear at Parkamaya in fahrenheit88 mall, Bukit Bintang. Apart from his new collection, Takakura also unveiling his new line of limited edition Takakurazome Kyoto printed T-shirts, retailing at RM59 each!

Picture Credit: The Star

Takakurazome Kyoto is no stranger in the global fashion scene, having collaborated with major international brands including Issey Miyake, Comme des Garçons and Nike “NSW”. In fact, Takakura-san mastery of the dye art is so fluid that you can hear the distinctive swish of the strokes on the material as he applies the dye by hand.

Picture Credit: The Star
Models dressed in limited edition Takakurazome printed T-shirts || RM59 each

For the record, Parkamaya will be donating RM1 for every T-shirt sold from this collection to the Nepal Relief Fund through Mercy Malaysia.

Also, there is a “Design for a Cause” T-Shirt design competition which runs from 30 May – 30 June 2015 and stand a chance to have your winning designs printed as part of Takakurazome Kyoto’s next batch of limited edition T-Shirt collection. Early birds may register for this opportunity at parkamaya@gmail.com for only RM30.00 or walk-in at RM50.00 and get a Takakurazome merchandise each. All registration proceeds will be donated to the Nepal Relief Fund too. 

Picture Credit: Azneal Ishak

Takakurazome Kyoto
Parkamaya, 3rd Floor, Fahrenheit88, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
10am – 10pm, daily

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