Product: Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner (2.8kg)

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Product: Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner (2.8kg)
Does it seem like a torture when you think of cleaning your house? Especially with an enormous vacuum cleaner to carry around? One thing for sure, cleaning is hard but cleaning the household appliances after using it is worse. When ever my vacuum cleaner bag is full, I usually leave it to another family member to deal with it as I'm sensitive to dust. Sounds like a princess right? heh.

Not sure if you guys remember my previous post of Toshiba (here), but last year they launched their new Torneo Vacuum Cleaner with Cyclone Technology. They got lots of raving reviews for their Futon Brush which can actually help to remove dust mites on the bed! Guess who got the privilege of trying the product itself? :D 

I even did an unboxing video. Enjoy~!
PS. Watch the video before moving on.

I pretty much covered everything on the video. But if I were have to summarize this vacuum cleaner, here is 10 reasons why you should change your old vacuum cleaner to this.

1. Remove Dust Mites and Reduce Allergens
With Futon Brush, it can remove dust mites and skin flakes on your carpets, bedding and furniture. The sticks will hit 16 times per one rotation of wheel so the dead skin and dust mites will be removed during the cleaning process.

2. Lightweight
The body weight is only 2.8 KG makes it easy to lift and comfortable to carry. With the new design of vacuum cleaner, hidden wheels are designed to improve mobility and the dust on wheels will not be easily attached to the clothes.

3. Able to clean hard reach areas
It comes with 4 brush heads that helps to clean different areas in the house.
Futton Brush: Bed and Sofa
Round Brush: Photo Frame, Leather Furniture, Filter or Ceiling Fan
Revolving Brush: Flooring
Crevice Nozzle: Narrow Edges

4. Easy to Clean
Instead of using the traditional accumulated dust type vacuum cleaner that does not provide strong suction power and is difficult to clean the dust bag, this vacuum cleaner stores the dust in the cup. Just remove the cap, dispose dust and wash it if you want. Sounds simple right?

5. Safe for kids & pets
Revolving Brush will automatically stop spinning when it’s being lifted off the floor

6. High Efficiency Pleat Filter
This filter is able to capture particles down to 0.5 microns (99.9%)

7. Dual Tornado System
Cyclone vacuum cleaners are trending now. What is it? With cyclone technology the suction power is sustainable up to 2 hours. There are Tornado High Speed spiral power to separate dust and air; Tornado Low Speed spiral power will compress the dust for more space and easy dust disposal. 

8. Easy Touch Handle Control
This ought to be the most convenient innovation with 3 levels of easy power control found at the hand switch. So long back pain. No longer needing to bend down to tap on the vacuum cleaner itself to on/off the machine

9. Electric Saving  
There are other cyclone type vacuum cleaners in the market with input power between 1600W ~ 2400W and Toshiba with 1100W input power. FYI the higher input power may face higher electric bills.

10. User Friendly
It didn't take me long to figure out how to use it and Toshiba provided plenty of visuals guide on the product, box and manual. Also it wasn't loud and I could do my cleaning at night without disturbing anyone.

Toshiba Torneo Vacuum Cleaner (2.8KG)
RM 889 (Including GST)

Hope this helps those who been eyeing on this.
Have a great day ahead! :)
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