Concert: Us The Duo Live in Malaysia (Bentley Music Auditorium, PJ)

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Concert: Us The Duo Live in Malaysia (Bentley Music Auditorium, PJ)
Early last month, I got a chance to watch Us The Duo live in Malaysia because of Jane. It was a birthday present to me. Even thinking back to the concert, it was just so surreal to be able to watch them live. Plus did I mention that i was just 2 rows away from them? Jane scored us VIP tickets, almost cried when I saw them up close.

Michael and Carissa were adorable on stage, they kept looking at each other as tho no one else was in the room. Seriously they are everyone's #relationshipgoals. It's so cool that they are each other's best friend and no matter what, they will have each other's back. Also, Carissa is so pretty. Her skin was so flawless even tho she is always traveling. Anyways, if you feel you're skin looking unhealthy, click HERE for some tips.

This was their first performance in Malaysia and the placed was packed. People literally stood outside of the doors because the hall couldn't fit anymore people. Jinnyboy, Malaysian youtube sensation, hosted the Us The Duo showcase at Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara. Fans got a chance to interact and with goodies from the duo.

The moment Us The Duo sang, my soul literally left my body. They sang their ever so Popular 2014 Covers of Top Hits from their vine videos along with No Matter Where You Are, Sway, Missin You Like Crazy, Like I'm Gonna Lose You, Slow Down Time and more. I got a couple of videos on my youtube channel, Scroll down for the videos.

They even had an autograph session followed after the concert, but I couldn't get to them as there were too many fans queued up. Anyways do expect them to come back for those who missed out on this. I definitely can't wait for their return and release of new songs. 

Enjoy the videos:

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