KLFW 2015: Everything You Need to Know About Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week

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KLFW 2015: Everything You Need to Know About Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week
Not once, not twice but thrice! The biggest, stylish and coolest fashion event of the year, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) is back. This time it's gonna be massive. With more than over 80 designers showcasing their exclusive runway collection. There will also be designers coming from China, Singapore, London, Turkey and Indonesia. Are you ready trendsetters? Dying to know which designer will be showcasing on in KLFW? The list will be found at the bottom of this post.


In 2014, KLFW gathered together over more than 100,000 during the 5 days fashion show mania in Pavilion. This year even the key sponsors are already lined up with star power, with BSN Bank National Simpanan Nasional, Air Asia, LauraStar, Dell, Bobbi Brown, Volkswagen, Dell, MyCreative, JW Marriott and Huawei. Do look out for the DELL KLFW contests, some magazines/online publication are giving away laptops. Also in spirit of festivals in Malaysia, KLFW will be open to the public by having various fashion festival prepared. Here is the complete line up according to the exact order:

Fashionably KL Shopping Bazaar Pop Ups
Avenue K | 26th-31st May
Lot 10 | 4th-10th June

Megasale Malaysia
Nationwide | 27th June - 31st August

Grand Launch of KLFW
Pavilion | 10th August

KLFW (Pavilion)
Day 1 - 12th August
YODA, Kittie Yiyi, My Apparel Zoo, Adila Long, Cassey Gan, Maatin Shakir, Justin Chew, 50450, Andy Sulaiman, Mimpikita, Megat Alfie, Afiq M, K. Alif, Sharifah Kirana, Street Fashion KL by Sazzy Falak and China invited designer Ye's by Yesir

Day 2 - 13th August
Islamic Fashion Festival, Evelyn Chia, C.A.S.H. by Alwyn C x Rhea Benson, Man Chien, Lana, Ezzati Amira, Pearly Wong, Hipster by Zerry Zamry, Wanpa, Nasty Inc, Kuntum by Najeeb, Khoon Hooi, Fizi Woo, Alia Bastamam and Singapore invited designer Thomas Wee.

Day 3 - 14th August
Top Tato by Sharifah Mariam, Andy Bandy, The Off Day, Quin, Motoguo, Aere, Wolfgang, Zero to Ten, Variante, For All by Villiam Ooi, Melson Kuala Lumpur, Jendela KL, Innai Red,  London invited designer James Hock, House of Doll by Nur Fazura.

Day 4 - 15th August
Zakwan Anuar, Sean & Sheila, Freedom by Eric Choong, Liza Azulkarnain, Comoddity, Soonaru, Turkey invited designer Songul Cabaci, Eclipse, Australia invited designer Saveus, Nurita Harith, Carven Ong, Celest Thoi, Jimmy Lim, Syomirizwa Gupta, BSN Fashion Night Out, Royal Songeket Terengganu, Yayasan Tuanku Nur Zahirah, Hatta Dolmat and Syaiful Baharim. 

Day 5 - 16th August
AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015, Lisa F, Shims Hashim, Hide, Hayden Koh, Sher by Twenty3, Line 32, Super Sunday, Amelia Hassan, QUHJI, Emelda Rose, Megwak, United Wood, Justin Yap Collection, Tsyahmi, Silas Liew, Jonathan Liang, Tempatan Black, Zalora, Indonesia invited designer Mel Ahyar, H! Live Black Carpet Walk of Fame and Rizman Ruzaini.

You fashionistas still with me? Bet there are a few of you aren't familiar with some of the names. It's the same for me too but after researching on some of the designers/brands, here are the few that I am looking forward to: Kittie Yiyi, My Apparel Zoo, Casey Gun, Afiq M, Pearly Wong, Alia Bastamam, Mottoguo, Zakwan Anuar, Saveus, Nurita Harith and Jonathan Liang.

Founder of KLFW, Andrew Tan

So what about you guys? Which show do you want to meet the most? It's time for me to plan my outfit along with gym-ing before KLFW. Btw it's my first time attending so I am super stoked. Any of you trying to predict the common fashion theme of this year? Feel like everyone will be wearing black again at the fashion show, so if you want to fit in, wear black or white I guess. (CLICK HERE to understand what I mean) You can never go wrong with monochrome. Anyways it's fashion, anything you wear represents you. So just wear your confidence and enjoy the ride.
Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2015
Official Hashtags: #KLFWRTW2015  #MalaysiaForTheWorld

Don't forget to write down your events in your calendar. 
See you there at the show!
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