Entertainment: Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015

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Entertainment: Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015
Wanna be on top? Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015 (MSS) is back to find who got what it takes to be a supermodel. After a nationwide search of with over 700 contestants, only 20 were chosen as the finalist. Imagine America Next Top Model but with an extra sass along with brutal honest judges and you'll get Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015. The 20 finalist will be battling out on the runway and photo shoots to achieve Malaysia Supermodel 2015 title, Face of Paradigm Mall in 2016, feature on Baccarat magazine and also cash prizes.

The finalist are:

FEMALE FINALISTS 1) Fish Zhang Yu; 25 years old, from China 2) Jeshreen Kaur Khaira; 19 years old, from Kuala Lumpur 3) Lara Wong Jing Mei; 20 years old, from Penang 4) Micah Cha Pui Lam; 18 years old, from Kuala Lumpur 5) Naveesyaah Kumarasamy; 18 years old, from Selangor 6) Nurfashikin binti Mohd. Faisal Gomez; 23 years old, from Selangor 7) Nur Ira Natasha binti Mohd. Noor; 22 years old, from Kuala Lumpur 8) Ong Cyii Cheng; 17 years old, from Selangor 9) Suraya Hanis binti Mohamad Sani; 24 years old, from Kuala Lumpur 10) Varent Teh Mei Chen; 24 years old, from Penang. 

MALE FINALISTS 1) Amir Farhad; 22 years old, from Iran 2) Ash Tan Jee Yie; 23 years old, from Johore 3) Joash Kong Xin-Chern; 24 years old, from Sarawak 4) Khabibulla Iusupov; 20 years old, from Uzbekistan 5) Kyan Lee Kee Ann; 24 years old, from Johore 6) Kyle Lim Ji Pang; 21 years old, from Johore 7) Mika Aaron Jenewein; 17 years old, from Selangor 8) Nicholas Loh Chen Teng; 20 years old, from Perak 9) Ooi Jin Hoon; 21 years old, from Selangor 10) Wil Beh Khai Sheng; 21 years old, from Selangor 

The main judges through out the series will be Amber Chia and Benjamin Toong. They were really impressed with this year's line up of contestants. “Our finalists this time are a good mix in terms of looks, skills, and talents, so we cannot wait to help them bring out all those great potential through the challenges planned for them,” said Chia. While Toong added, “The competition is so strong that you won’t clearly see any frontrunners standing out yet, so we will have to just wait and see how they perform and improve throughout the competition."

Yesterday, I and a few lucky people got a chance to watch the first episode of Malaysia Supermodel Search in GSC, Paradigm Mall. I really have to say that I am blown away with the wonderful videography. Big applauds to the production team. I also love the dark minialistic themed promo video. Also this year's contestant age range are from 17-25 years old. Since it's a competition between different gender, there's bound to be love and heart ache. Can't wait for that scene to show during the series! But what really caught my attention was the variety of people that competed in this competition. There was even a transgender who went for the audition. I shall not give you any further spoilers. Go watch the first episode to find out more.

MSS 2015 is the fifth edition and will consist of nine webisodes. It will be air on“Malaysia Supermodel Search” YouTube channel every Wednesday. The final showdown will be live on the 1st November 2015 at Paradigm Mall. If by the end of this competition, you fallen for one of the contestant or became a supporter, feel free to drop by and cheer for them. I actually started out that way in 2013. Can you believe it that I have been watching MSS all these years? The drama and intensity really adds to my guilty tv show addiction.

Have you found your favourite model yet?
 "Malaysia Supermodel Search 2015" airs on Wednesday, 9 September on Youtube.

Stay fabulous everyone!
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