Hair: Going Blonde with C.Michael London Salon (Bangsar, KL)

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Hair: Going Blonde with C.Michael London Salon (Bangsar, KL)
Not sure if you guys have been noticing the amount of selfie spams on my instagram or facebook, if you have, then you know that i'm officially blonde. OHMAIGAWD. I still can't believe it myself and it's already been 11 days since I turned into a blondie. Honestly the first colour that came out was a little greenish (Note to those who wants to turn blonde, give it time for the colour to fade). But after a day, it turned more platinum blonde and now it's just blonde.

Attended an event with C.Michael before and am really impress with their products, especially their apple hair serum! Love how fruity the smell is and how smooth my hair turned after using it. After the event, I thought why not get a new look since my hair was a little messed up with 4-5 different shades of colour. BTW the salon is located in Bangsar Jalan Telawi, same row as Dominos.

Love the interior of the salon and how spacious it is. I brought my laptop there as I wanted to do some work and also catch up on some drama shows. They have wifi there and water for customers while getting their hair done. I was tempted to turn on the TV that is placed in front of the customers, but I have already brought my laptop, so I just used my laptop only.

Aside from providing hair services at their salon, C.Michael also have a range of hair products to help strengthen your hair and to provide the right tool for treatment. Their most popular product is their Stem Cell Hair Serum (RM 42.90) along with their other Stem Cell Shampoos that help protect the hair after hair colouring. Their shampoo price ranges from RM 24.90 - 33.90 per bottle which are available for purchase in their Bangsar Salon, Muse by Watson (Sunway Pyramid) and Jusco Aeon.

Pre-lightening stage before hairdye

You know how there is the saying "you only live once"? Well, for me, I believe that we should do the things we want now before it's too late as "you're only young once". Thus my blonde ambition came into reality. Went to the saloon at 4.30pm and left at 10.30pm because of the long pre-lightening process. Make sure that you have no rush appointments on the day you want to do your hair, as it might take longer than expected. Going blonde wasn't the traditional method with just haircolour but I also had to pre-lighten my hair. Note it's not bleach. It's like the more healthier method and less painful than bleaching (shall blog about bleaching one day when I have the chance). After pre-lightening, to make my hair look more natural blonde, Leo (my hairstylist) used grey dye and the outcome was beautiful. I wasn't wearing any make up at that time and it was just too dark, so I decided to take the pictures the next day after an event.

What I did: 4 x Pre-Lightening (RM 140 each time) + Colour & Treatment (Promo Price: RM148) = RM 708

The Outcome

Overall, I'm super happy with the colour of my hair. Unfortunately, I can't be walking out of the house without make up anymore. haha. Anyways, if you're there, make sure to look for LEO. You'll thank me for it. Currently they are having a variety of promotions from Hairdye & Haircut for RM 99, Rebonding & Haircut for RM 289 and Hairdye & Treatment for RM 148. Do take the treatment after your hairdye because you're hair needs to rejuvenate from all of the damages. Also make sure to make an appointment, as they are always packed. Seriously am loving my hair. Never knew how good it would actually look on me, even my mom loved it and said my hair made me fairer. LOL. Anyways what colour are you all thinking of?

C.Michael Hair & Lifestyle Salon
20, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

Tel: 03 2201 3673

C.Michael Facebook Page Website

Have a beautiful weekend!
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