Event: My Scar, My Story with Bio Oil

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Event: My Scar, My Story with Bio Oil
We all obtain scars in our lives. Some scars may have left good or painful memories or lessons. I still remember I miss a step on the road walking to school when I was 8, until now I still have black patches of marks on my left knee. Can you remember yours? 

A few weeks ago, got to attend an event by Bio Oil where they launched their new campaign themed "My Scar, My Story", four simple yet powerful words, to offer inspiration and solutions to those with scars via a microsite www.myscarmystory.com.my. This online platform brings Malaysian united to share their challenges and solutions to their problems. It also bring support, encouragement and inspiration to those who are undergoing emotional distress due to their scars.

At the event, we were informed that a researched found that 1 out of 2 women suffers psychological issues from the aftermath of receiving a scar with the majority (56%) that considered themselves as "abnormal" due to their scars. In a long run, this could eventually lead to serious issues like depression or isolating themselves from society. It's obvious that scarring is an issue society ought to address and treat, instead of suffering with it alone.

Because of this, Bio Oil has collaborated with Dr Nazirin Ariffin, a renowned dermatologist from Pantai Hospital to offer professional advice and weekly tips on scar management on the website. Providing optimal advice and guidance to patients as well as managing their expectations will reduce patients’ emotional distress. 

According to Dr Nazirin, the common causes of scars include skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis; second degree skin burns and other injuries caused by accidents, cuts and falls. “Most of the scars look bad in the beginning but its appearance will improve over time with good wound care, some topical treatment such as an oil-based ointment and intake of proper nutrition,” said Dr Nazirin.

As I listened, it close to home as I grew up with eczema and actually know which medicine was good. I ended up scathing a lot at my affected areas and how it has became worst. Shall be trying out the Bio Oil I received at the event. It contains plant extracts such as Chamomile, Lavender, Rosemary and Calendula oils, together with Vitamins A & E and the breakthrough ingredient-PurCellin Oil™ (which apparently does not leave sticky or greasy feeling when applied). Do note for best results: Massage onto the affected area in circular motion twice daily for a minimum of 3 months.

The 2-month campaign will end on December 31st with selection of the three best scar stories where winners will get to enjoy a Luxury Retreat Package at a 5-star resort for two worth of up to RM10,000 and a consultative session with Dr Nazirin Ariffin. There will also be weekly prizes for the five most inspiring stories of the week. I've already saw some of my friends posting. Shall post mine soon since might stand a chance to win something :) Hehe. All the best to those who join!

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