Event: Blogger Babes Asia x Clozette Malaysia + How I Started Blogging

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Event: Blogger Babes Asia x Clozette Malaysia + How I Started Blogging
On my 21st birthday I told myself that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to achieve something, be proud of something or maybe just build my skills up. That was the very moment I started a blog. I told myself that I will be documenting my daily activities on my blog while hoping to develop my writing skill.

After Make Over With Lancome

At that time, I knew nothing about blogging, except a girl name plus size kitten who blogs and a fellow church member, Laura. Can you believe that at that time, I didn't even know that the term/title "blogger" existed. I was in my own world. It was good. I blogged about the places I went to, the food I ate, the sales and even college stuff. Suddenly out of no where, I noticed that there were a fair bit of people reading a cafe post that I posted for fun. Fast forward that to two years later and I am now who I am today. I won't say that I am successful but rather, I am thankful for everything that came my way.

All of the bloggers

Even just a few minutes ago, I just realized my blog views went up by a fair bit and the first thing I did was told my mom. We even high five from our excitement. lol. So there you have it, a short sneak peak into how I started blogging. To those that are planning to start or are blogging, just make sure you do it because you like it. Or else, I assure you, you will never be happy with what you got. I expected nothing from my blog and thus, everything is blessing in my eyes.

Why am I suddenly getting all personal and all? Well it's because I feel when I was starting out, I didn't know who to turn to or what to join. Did you know that there is such a thing as a blogging community? Well there is Bloglovin, Nuffnang, The Butterfly Project, Clozette and now there is Blogger Babes Asia.

A couple months back, I got a chance to be a few of the bloggers invited to the launch partnership of Clozette along with Blogger Babes. Blogger Babes is a community to help strengthen a blogger's profile to an social influencer. I've been a member of theirs for about 2 months now and you can even see the logo on the right side of my blog. What I love about them is that they provided tips on how to make your blog a user-friendly website. So far I gotten a few tips like how to blog better, create a portfolio and to just make information easier to understand. In the end of the day, just make sure when you're changing your blog or website, you don't lose the reason you started blogging. Even now I just randomly share about some stuff I experience, like the government dental clinic visit.

Heidi Sharing Her Story

So back to this story, Blogger Babes is now available in Asia, hence they are called Blogger Babes Asia. If I am not wrong, they are in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. They are originally from LA, started by Heidi from The Ambinionista. At the event, we got to hear her insights on blogging. Her blog have collaborated with a few of amazing brands like Vanity Fair, Giorgio Armani Beauty & Max Mara. Anyways for more details of Blogger Babes Asia, you can find it at the link below.

With Carina

 Lancome Makeover Station

After the workshop, all of us bloggers had a mini makeover with Lancome and it was a fantastic time to catch up with everyone. TBH, I didn't know that you can get friends from blogging and there are some where I don't know I would survive without them if they leave. One of them would be Mary Jane, bet you all know her from my constant upload of our selfies together, fyi she is the girl in the first picture :)
With Kelly and Ayue

Goodie Bag of the Event

Thinking back a few months ago, I am even more gungho to do better for the future. I have linked every community I mentioned. I might be blogging a few more blog tips post in the future. Not sure if any of you would even read this but this is my story so far. Maybe one day I will get to release a book. haha. A girl can dream big right?

Thank you if you're reading this post now
Hope that you have a beautiful day ahead.
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