Fashion: 7 Steps to Find The One with Triumph + Giveaway

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Fashion: 7 Steps to Find The One with Triumph + Giveaway
We always hear of the every girl's dream to FIND THE ONE. Some girls might be looking for the perfect man, job, shoes but for me its finding the right bra. Did you know from a survey done by Triumph International found that 7/10 women actually wear THE WRONG BRA SIZE and many are clueless on knowing how to find the right one.

Things are gonna get personal now as bras are used for our personal assets, so if you're not a girl, maybe it's time for you to read another post but if you want more info for your girlfriends or wife, continue on. I remember once during high school, a friend told me once if we aren't wearing the right bra size, it would not provide the proper support we need for our breast and our breast will sag. You have no idea how scare I was at that time and ever since then, I learned and make sure that it fitted well. haha. 

Tips on how to get the right bra 

Out of these 7 steps, I actually only knew 4. I know some of them look like it should be common sense for us to understand but sometimes, it just slips my mind when choosing a bra. Now I make sure that the straps are not too tight around my arms. DID YOU KNOW THAT IF YOUR BRA IS TOO TIGHT, YOU CAN GET ARMPIT FAT. Just make sure you don't get it too tight because you want that "EXTRA PUSH". I found an amazing bra range at triumph, it's their Forever Young Collection. What is special about this bra is that they are made to be extra supportive and gives you that extra push you need.

Before I got to try the bra, I got myself fitted at Triumph Sunway Pyramid Outlet. It was my first time there and ohmygawd, the store is huge and bright. Love how special I felt when I was in their store. Their dressing room is huge! There was even a table chair and 3 mirrors in the changing room. I think their changing room could actually fit 10 people inside. Jane was with me while I was finding the one. I even asked her opinion on the ones I choose.

While getting fitted, the triumph staff will measure you when you wear their triumph t-shirt provided without your bra, to ensure accuracy of the measurements. They will measure your bust, waist and hips to find your body shape ID. Then they will measure you again with Triumph bra to see the before and after inches count. So from the Forever Young Bra on, it helped me with reducing the gap of my breast and also providing me the firm support I needed. I also love how comfortable it feel. Sort of like getting wrap around a linen blanket feel when I got the Forever Young Bra on.

Because of this misfitted dilemma happening within our female society, Triumph recently launched “Find the One” short animated movie that brings to life the magical experience of finding the perfect fitted bra. It kinda looks like a Disney cartoon which even made it more enjoyable to watch!

Also since 21 September 2015, Triumph launched a fitting campaign nationwide, targeting to fit 50,000 women across Malaysia ensuring they find the right fitted bra! Talk about what a wonderful opportunity to have right?! Best part of the fitting is that, it's FREE! Every woman who visits any Triumph Boutiques or counters will receive a free fitting consultation conducted by Triumph professional fit experts. From measurements of the correct bust size to finding your actual bust age and body shape, the comprehensive fitting consultation will help women find their perfect one!

Now time for the best part of this post, I'm doing a giveaway with Triumph on my facebook page! I will be giving away A SET OF TRIUMPH BRA COLLECTION WORTH RM500. Best part is you get to choose which collection you want. Do get the Forever Young one *hint hint*, as it is comfortable, provides you maximum support and is the most expensive set in the store. lol.

All you have to do to win is:
1. LIKE Triumph International MalaysiaJessy The KL Chic Facebook Page
2. Go to the video I uploaded (Click HERE)
3. Like, SHARE & Comment the answer along with your email on my video
(Make sure the sharing/profile is public)

The question is super easy and everything is found in the video on my facebook page. Go join for yourself, mother, sister, girlfriend, wife or etc! There is no limit in commenting, you can comment all you want. Winners will be chosen by Triumph at random. All the best!

Have a blessed week ahead!
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