Fashion: 9 Things Need To Know About Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 (MYFW 2015)

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Fashion: 9 Things Need To Know About Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 (MYFW 2015)
It's that time of year again where everyone are scrambling their brains on what to wear for Malaysia Fashion Week. From photographers, media, brand owners, celebrities, designers, singers, social media influencers, models, tai tais and even datuks, would be in line to watch and maybe buy outfits from the runway. Thinking of going this year but don't have a pass? READ HERE to get one.  Got your passes but don't know what to expect? Continue reading on.

Same as the year before, Malaysia Fashion Week 2015 (MYFW) will be held at Matrade (FYI it's near Publika KL). Parking to the hall is quite a distance, if you can get someone to drop you off first or if you're taking a cab, MYTEKSI is giving out RM5 off if you use their promo code MYFW2015 to and from MECC, unlimited from 4 to 7 November 2015. Now that we are done with logistics, lets move on to the important things.

1. The place looks like a government building
It's only glamorous on the inside. So don't get a heart attack or wonder if you stumble upon the wrong area. You will get it when you're there.

Try not to be late. This typical Malaysian coming late attitude ought to be eradicated but seriously try to be there 5 minutes early. You won't want to be remembered as the person who comes in half way during a show blocking everyone's view. BTW each show is about 30 minutes long, so make sure you have already empty your bladder or done what ever things you need to do, because once the show starts, you CAN'T LEAVE.

3. Dress to Kill
There will be people that will come in gowns. Why? Because they can. So if you would want to come in shorts and a tee, I bet you can too, just that you'll be the center of attention. So what ever works best for you I guess. I actually saw some who came dressed like they were going off to a market, definitely a memorable outfit. Plus who knows, if you look fab, someone might just feature you on their newspaper or magazine. There will be both local and international media covering the event. If you're just clueless on what to wear, wear black. You can never go wrong with black.

4. There are booths at the Fashion Show
Yes I know this sounds totally un-glam but think of it as a fast purchase spot where MFW help you gather all of the key fashion/lifestyle trader for the exhibition. This would be perfect for those who need to buy more fabric, perfect dress for that special event, even get discounts or find a new fashion business partner. The choice is endless.

5. MFW2015 IS A 4-day event
Starts from 4 - 7 November 2015. The closing night would be featuring a Star Wars inspired "The Galaxy Runway", which includes designers like Jimmy Choo, Lynda Rahim, Bremen Wong, Azura Mazaruddin and Nawre. All of which will be showcasing their collection of the inspired Galatic Saga. I guess we should be expecting a little over the top scifi-ish shinny theme from their collection. Kinda hope they would be able to do a Ready-To-Wear futuristic theme instead.

6. There are seat allocation
Do check your seating at the registration counter before entering the hall. Best to not end up sitting on some celebrities spot and needing to move half way during the show. 

7. Bring your survival kit with you
Anything from your powerbank, water, snacks or even flats. Bring it as the location is in the middle of no where and the nearest place for decent food is at Publika Mall. So be wise, especially if you're thinking to come in that 5-inch heel, you might just die half way walking back to your car.

8. Get Your Camera Ready / Be Camera Ready
Do for the love of fashion shows silent your phone. Don't let it ring during a show, it's just annoying to the rest of us trying to enjoy the show. Plus it will safe you from embarrassment. Now for the camera, almost everytime, the MYFW Photo backdrop would be swamp with the attendees trying to grab their ootd. You might need to wait a while for your turn. Just be quick and know your pose. Also if you would like to grab some shots at the fashion show, know that you only got about 2 seconds for that picture. The show ends fast. I recommend taking a video if you feel you can't keep up. LOL.

9. Expect to be Fashion Culture Shock
From the words to the greeting gesture, try to know your stuff. From RTW, Avant Garde or Haute Couture, at least know the difference. Click here if you don't know it. Also the fashion crowd are daring, so just do expect over-the-top outfit, hair, makeup or even personalities. You'll be seeing a lot of loud-air-kisses type of attendees or the-totally-in-black-looking-too-cool type of attendees.

These are all of the things I wish I knew before going to Malaysia Fashion Week, I'm not a fashion expert. Just a girl who got an opportunity into this side of the world. Btw pictures are all taken from last year's MYFW by me and carinn. Hope this helps any of you that will be there.

For more updates of Malaysia Fashion Week 2015, 
follow this link

Malaysia Fashion Week (MYFW) 2015
November 4th - 7th
Open to public: 6th & 7th November

Matrade, Kuala Lumpur

Hope to see you all there!
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