Hair: Number 76 Hair & Scalp Treatment + Closing of Bangsar 1 Outlet

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Hair: Number 76 Hair & Scalp Treatment + Closing of Bangsar 1 Outlet
Anyone here ever dyed or bleach your hair before? Ever feel like your hair is never the same again? Well mind isn't. After my previous bleach to blonde, my hair have been feeling super dry/frizzy and I even got oily scalp which cause dandruff ): Seriously the worst moment of my hair life. I needed a hair fix and where else better than to get it done at Number76?

Just wanna share the timeline of my hair with you all since I did this a while ago. I got my hair bleached and dyed blonde at 14th September and got my hair-fix with hair & scalp treatment at 6th October. Now that we got that settle, moving on to the hair treatment. I got hairstylist Calvin for the day at Number76 Bangsar 1. He recommended that I needed Ultrasonic Treatment (Hair) & Milbon Plarmia Treatment (Scalp). For those who wants a detailed write up of Ultrasonic Treatment (Click HERE).

Calvin & his assistant fixing my hair

It took about 1 & 1/2 hours for the completion of two treatments. If you have the same problem as I did with frizzy hair and dry scalp, I recommend you just do a one shot treatment. So it will save time and it would literally be a spa day for your head. For the Milbon Plarmia Scalp Treatment, what happens is they will remove dandruff, excess oil and hydrate the scalp. All this will be done at the sink, so they will use Plarmia product to clean and straighten back your scalp.

Products used for Milbon Plarmia Scalp Treatment


Here is the after pictures. I love how smooth and soft my hair was and even my scalp feels like it can breathe again. If only my hair can remain like that forever. Maybe I should learn to stop colouring my hair. haha.

Price: Ultrasonic Treatment RM 265 + Milbon Plarmia Treatment RM 200 = RM 465

BTW I have bad news for you all. Number76 Bangsar 1 is no longer available, in order to expand Starhill Number 76 Branch. Plus it's now less confusing if there is only one Bangsar outlet. So a win win situation :) Fret not, there are still other Number76 outlets at Bangsar (formally known as Bangsar 2), Midvalley, Publika and Starhill. Do note that the various hairstylist have also been transfer. Below are the currently places they are at:
@76yoshi44 → Mid Valley (till 9 Dec)
@76yoshi44 → Bangsar 2 (from 10 Dec)
@76calvin → Bangsar 2
@76suky → Bangsar 2

Hope this helps to give clarity who wonder what happen to Number76 Bangsar 1 outlet. A part of me will never be the same again. Number76 Bangsar 1 was the first outlet I ever been to. Thank you everyone at Bangsar 1 for always giving me the warmest welcomes and beautiful after hair!

Bangsar 2 | Starhill | Midvalley | Publika

Have a smooth week ahead!
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