Malaysia Public Goverment Dental Clinic (Shah Alam Section 7)

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Malaysia Public Goverment Dental Clinic (Shah Alam Section 7)
Ever wanted to have pearly white teeth but don't have the money or budget for it? What if I told you I actually went to the Public Dental Clinic in Malaysia or better known as Klinik Pergigian Kerajaan (I think this would be the only blogpost I actually type Malay words). My teeth got scaling and it only cost me RM 3 (Registration fee RM 1 + Scaling RM 2). Below I included the places and pricing/harga of government dental clinics in Malaysia.

Forgotten what day it was, I remember this was some time in August. I didn't have any information on the government dental clinic in Malaysia and there weren't much info online too. I did my research for a week and brace myself to what may come my way. Found out the list of Public Government Dental Clinics in Petaling Jaya and choose the closest one to home. Asked a friend what time I should be there to avoid waiting too long. My friend told me she was at the clinic at 7.30am lining up and the clinic only opens at 8am! My dad previously went to the government dental clinic in Kelana Jaya and ended up waiting for 4 hours because he got in line after lunch.

The dental clinic is located in the government clinic's first floor. Do know that the building looks like a bungalow house (as seen from the picture above). I waze myself there and found the place easily. The problem was parking, they only have around 30 parking spaces. People started parking at the side of the road. When I enter the building at 8.15am there must have been about 60 people queuing for the government clicnic at ground floor. When I went to the first floor, there were about 6-10 people before me.

Operation Time?

Klinik Pergigian Shah Alam (Waze this for direction)

Registration fee: RM 1 | Scaling: RM 2 | Filling: RM 2

I got myself register, fill in my details, got my dental card and wait for about less than 40 minutes until my turn. If I remember correctly there will be 3 dentist available at a time. So be there early to avoid waiting for a long period. Also bring a book, you will get bored. Do expect the smell of teeth when you're at the first floor. To be honest for the price you are paying, you can't complain much but the place is run down and smelly ): 

When it was my turn, the dentist inspected all of my teeth and then did scaling for me. I asked her what if someone would want to do filling, she said for RM 2 but you can only fill one teeth a day. She got everything done in less than 30 minutes. It was painful and messy but nothing I can't handle. FYI my tolerance level is low, so if I can do it, you can too. hahaha. Also my dentist, a female, did a good job until I literally couldn't stop staring at my teeth for the whole day.

That's about it for what I experience. Hope this help those who been wanting to go to government dental clinics but were too scare. I even have the entire list of all of the government dental clinics in Malaysia (CLICK HERE) and the pricing (CLICK HERE).

Klinik Pergigian Seksyen 7
(Waze this: Klinik Pergigian Shah Alam)
No. 2, Persiaran Kayang, Seksyen 7,40000 Shah Alam.
Tel : 03-55186531

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