Event: Innisfree 1st Inni-versary Private Party | Best Event of 2015

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Event: Innisfree 1st Inni-versary Private Party | Best Event of 2015
It was a beautiful Saturday morning. All of us were dressed in either white or green and at every turned was nature. It was the event of the year or at least it's my most memorable and favorite event, Innisfree First Inni-versary Party! It was held in a hotel that had an open hall aircon filled garden space. It was incredible. If anyone is thinking to have a garden wedding, Royal Chulan KL is the place to have it at. Back to the party, it was sort of like a mini chilled festival with lots of eco-activities!

We got to do our very own DIY  potpourri and build terrariums. I think that was the only eco thing I ever did all year long. Never touch so much soil before that. Felt so happy when it was completed, like my little baby is created. Love how they have a lot of decorative stuff available to make it personalize. Got to do it with Rane and gosh is she looking so pretty in green. TBH not everyone can pull off the colour green. I know I can't.

It's really hard to believe that Innisfree has only been in Malaysia for a year. Somehow with 2015 coming to an end, I feel like Innisfree have been around for a long time. Don't know how I would survive without some of their products, especially their lip tint that I got a few months ago. At the event, they also provided some products to try and to get information on. There was even a booth to donate your old innisfree bottles and redeem a gift from Innisfree. Definitely one of the most environmental center brand I can think of for now.

Since Innisfree focus on being very green, the entire theme and decoration was focus on that. The dessert table was the bomb. It was so pintrest/tumblr worthy. Loved everything of it.

There was a booth that require us to cycle to blend our fruits into juices! A lot of the girls had a lot of fun and it wasn't easy, you really had to pedal a lot. I didn't know about the activities and came in a dress, so one of the event staff was nice enough to help me cycle for my juice! She was so cute when helping me to cycle.

With every celebration, people tend to wish for stuff. Like a birthday celebration, you get to wish on your candles. Innisfree is celebrating their anniversary, yet they gave us all a chance to write down our wish and to hang it at the Wish Tree. Most of the girls wish for Innisfree to bring down Lee Min Ho to Malaysia again. But I dream big and wish for a date with Lee Min Ho. Haha. So cheeky right? Anyways I didn't win in the end, some other lucky people got their wish granted. Got to meet Joyce when we were hanging our wishes. It's always cool to meet a church friend at events.

Had lunch after we finished everything and got to hang out with the girls a little. At the end, Rane, Sarah, I and Shivani got to enjoy our cotton candy before we left. 

Even until now, I am still thinking about how beautiful the event was. Loved how everything was so well planned and it was just a relaxing afternoon for us all. Thank you Innisfree for allowing me to take this journey to celebrate your first year in Malaysia. Am hopping that you will have your store at every city and state nationwide soon!

Any of you Innisfree fans out there? I might be doing an Innisfree giveaway soon. Any products you would love to try out? Let me know.

Have a beautiful week!
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