Event: Innisfree Beauty Picnic with Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line

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Event: Innisfree Beauty Picnic with Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line
This is a way overdue post, was busy at that time. Anyways if anyone is thinking to get a new skincare collection, I would highly recommend Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line. A couple months back I got a chance to attend Innisfree Beauty Picnic. Bet you all remember my first Innisfree POST right? (Well I hope you do la. haha). 

At the beauty picnic event, Innisfree launched their new collection which is Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line. Jeju is a place in Korea which is known for the island natural beauty and elements. Hence for this event the theme was beauty picnic, where natural beauty and healthy lifestyle meets. Plus if you notice Innisfree store and campaign (Go Green and Play Green), there are always very eco-friendly which always reminds me of nature. We first started out with a relaxing stretching outside of the venue and return back to the event.

When I got to my seat, felt like we were all ready for a spa treatment with all of the products and a bowl of water. FYI we were all told to come in our bare face. I was the only one who abide and did not wear any make up. lol. Jonny Nam, Innisfree Malaysia Brand Manager, welcomed us with a speech and Purple Yap took over for the beauty workshop.

We all know how hot and humid Malaysia can be, so its important to constantly be hydrated. Just like how spa therapy is like, Sparkling Mineral Line uses carbonic hot spring water as the main element to help clear the skin and keep it moist while experiencing a hot spring spa atmosphere.

1. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder | RM 8.00 | 30 g
Like all skincare routine, we have to cleanse our face first. We start with the packet of power which have 2 sachets. Pour the first one in and wait for it to dissolve then the second sachet would turn the water fizzy! Here is the fun part, dip your face in the bowl and stay for 2-3 minutes. 
Your face would feel like its getting a sparkling massage from a million tiny bubbles. After that just use a towel to dry your face. Your face would feel super refresh. Perfect if you need a home spa treatment! Also how cute is that headband on me :)

2. Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum | RM 90.00 | 80 ml
This is Innisfree star product. A must have for those who needs an extra moisture boost for their face. It helps to keep your skin radiant.

3. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin | RM 79.00 | 200 ml
Its a hydrating skin toner with 88% sparkling mineral water that helps the skin with a boosting effect by smoothing the skin and enhancing the absorption rate of the following skincare products. Plus it also removes all of my excess dirt. Just look at that cotton pad. UGH ):

4. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence | RM 110 | 70 g
This is an extra step for those who wants a youthful face. I would recommend those in their 20s to start using essence. This product helps to balance uneven skin tone, keep the skin firm and strengthen the skin barrier. Just take 1-2 pumps and massage it all over your face.

5. Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion | RM 79 | 160 g
This is the moisturizer product of the skincare routine. You can either choose their lotion or cream version. Cream is recommended for those starting from late 30s while lotion is more suited for those below 30. Like a moisturizer, this is to help provide hydration and prevent moisture loss from the skin with the product key ingredient macadamia nut oil. Remember not to forget to moisturize your neck too!

6. Innisfree Jeju Sparking Mineral Mist | RM 55 | 80 ml
The final product from the skincare routine! This mist can be used before or after make up. Hence keep in your handbag! If you are feeling a little dry during the day, just spray this onto your skin. I usually take 2-3 sprays for my entire face. Don't forget to close your eyes before a spray!

After the wonderful beauty spa workshop, we all got to try out Innisfree makeup. I finally can look human again. Bet I scared some people with my dead complexion. haha. These are all of the make up that was available for us to play around with.

Moving on to our next session, we got to enjoy a healthy DIY session by making salad and sparkling juice!

The only blonde chick

We also got pampered with an amazing variety of beautiful picnic snacks along with gorgeous flowers as our door gifts. Innisfree sure know how to pamper a girl. First time in my 23 years of living that I felt so greened and loved.

Any of you using Innisfree products? How is your experience so far? Do expect more post about Innisfree. Seriously gotta introduce you guys to their amazing lip tint collection! Stay tune!

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Have a beautiful week!
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