Food: How To Stay Cool When Feeling Hot

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Food: How To Stay Cool When Feeling Hot
Ever had the experience of eating something so spicy until you cant talk because you can't move your tongue? Well I experienced it last weekend. I really didn't expect to suffer so much but thank goodness I had something to help me cool down the spice. 

Malaysia is known as a food paradise not just to the locals but also to foreigners. Our food consist of flavorful, sweetness and even a hint of spiciness. From curry mee, laksa and even nasi lemak, they are all part of Malaysia's famous local cuisine. I remember I got a friend who can't take spicy food insisted on taking a bunch of sambal onto his nasi lemak. He was literally crying and sweating out but he didn't mind because he wanted the "syok" feeling which means good.

So anyways to continue my memorable spicy event, last weekend I had a chance to experience an entire night filled with spiciness. I first started my night with drinking CHILI PADI Shot Drink covered with salt at the top of the glass. I actually took the one with the most chili padi in it and gave it a go. It was surprisingly good but I had to clear up my throat. Which I did.

Thank goodness for Mamee Cool Tea. So if you haven't heard, Mamee came out with a new drink. Mamee Cool Tea is like a herbal drink, that consists of eight different herbs that aim to cool the body down. The herbs are liquorice root, lotus leaf, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum flower, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit, mulberry leaf and mesona chinensis. You can get it at any 7-Eleven stores, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Giant, Aeon Big, Econsave, KK Mart, Shell and Mydin. Basically most hypermarket got it.

After the Chili Padi Shots, we were all treated to a Chili Rush Spicy Chicken Showdown (If you are a fan of spicy food, I recommend you try this but do make sure you got something to cool yourself down asap). It was CRAZY thinking that I could actually finish a piece of chicken wing. We all were given the chance to compete in this spicy competition and guess what? After taking 3 bites of the chicken, I couldn't move. My eyes got watery and the next thing I knew was, tears started falling down my cheeks. I was sweating and I couldn't talk. Could feel my tongue swell up. Immediately aimed for the My Mamee Cool Tea. Must have drank at least 2 bottles of it.

Love how it taste like chinese herbal drink and the bottle packaging is so slim, which is easy to carry around. Mamee Cool Tea says “Lagi Cool, Lagi Best! PS they also come in 2 other flavours which are green tea and chrysanthemum. Also perfect for a hot day out.

Mamee Cool Tea

Have a great week ahead and stay hydrated!
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