Travel: 3 Places You Need to Discover In Indonesia

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Travel: 3 Places You Need to Discover In Indonesia
Indonesia, known to many Malaysians as our next door neighbor and known to the world for their beautiful scenery, long majestic heritage and vibrant food. It's a country blessed in diversity with 300 ethnic groups along with 700 languages found. Also rich in tropics with over 17,500 breathtaking islands. From leisure, shopping, history, culture, nature, diving or trekking the various mountains, you can find it all in 3 of Indonesia's popular destination.

Starting off with Yogyakarta which is famous for the surroundings, art, culinary and culture. Found in Central Java, tourist can expect various interesting discoveries like an array of batik collection, puppet makers, concerts, food vendors and street art. The place is also rich in historical architecture of two most magnificent temples of the country, Prambanan temple and Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple complex on earth.

Next up is the A-list beach of the world. Popular with various extreme sports like surfing and bungee jumping. The island is filled with mystical, exotic, calming and lush experiences. A perfect place to unwind to the striking tropical natural beauty. Always filled with life from day to night with dancing and music. And also a hub of local art goods. Travelers can chill, shop or even head to a nearby scenic rice paddy field to experience the traditional village life.

Last but not least, the capital of Indonesia. Prominent for crowded streets, hectic activities and traffic frenzy. Somehow thinking about Jakarta brings an adrenaline rush to me as I am a city girl and I love the hustle and bustle of places. In this cosmopolitan city, you can expect lively nightlife, food adventure, shopping haven and a cultural journey. The locals will charm you with their hospitality and the city will steal your heart away.

To experience more of these three places, head to MaxmanTV Youtube Channel for Travel VLOGS of Yogyakarta, Bali and Jarkata. If you are a fan of Indonesian Celebrities then you are in for a treat as in the videos there would be Luna Maya and Sandra Dewi. Also a special appearance of Malaysian social media celebrities, such as Juliana Evans, Mawar Rashid and Tasha Shilla. For more info of Indonesia, check out Indonesia Tourism Website.

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