Places: How Well Do You Know Kuala Lumpur?

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Places: How Well Do You Know Kuala Lumpur?
Here I am challenging everyone, how well do you know KL? My challenge is open to everyone. Not just foreigners but Malaysians as well. I know for a fact that most of my friends don't travel to the city (Kuala Lumpur) that often. At the first month I started my blog, if you were to ask me parts of KL, I won't be able to answer you. But because of all the events and frequent drives, if you were to ask me anything about KL, I'm 80% sure I can answer you.

Let me first explain why there are some locals that might not know much about our own city. Because most of us are actually scare to face traffic in KL. Sure the first thing everyone think of Kuala Lumpur is KLCC Petronas Towers. But seriously there is so much more in KL than just those towers. We have China Town, Korea Town, Little India, Pasar Seni, Historical buildings and etc.

Traffic in KL can be a little overwhelming at times

Curious to know how good of knowledge of Kuala Lumpur is? Well guess what actually test it out and see for yourself if you are a true KL-ian. Recently did a collaboration with PARKROYAL Hotels to create a list of famous KL places to create the ultimate KUALA LUMPUR QUIZ. I am after all JessytheKLchic and I hope you know KL stands for Kuala Lumpur.

Anyways curious to know how you would score? CLICK HERE to check it out yourself. I got a perfect 10, hope all of the other locals would get it too. It's quite easy if you are a Malaysian but it could be pretty tricky for those not residing there. Btw just want to say this, Batu Caves is NOT located in KL. Somehow when you google Kuala Lumpur or Places to go to in Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves will appear.

Screenshot of Park Royal Hotel Website (Quiz is found there)

A lot of us actually don't know how beautiful KL is, bet many of you might be surprise from the quiz because of the random scene at famous places. Anyways, try out the test. Would love to hear the scores you all got! Do comment your results and places you love in KL. Bet others would benefit from it. Might even do a KL Guide if I have the time.

Picture credits: luxuo.com, rehmansiddiq.com, i.ytimg.com, wikimedia.org

Have a great week ahead!
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