Does Slimming Coffee mAi Dark Mocha Really Work?

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Does Slimming Coffee mAi Dark Mocha Really Work?
A new year just begun and we all want to look our best. Especially for the festive season coming up, chinese new year. Aunties and uncles would always love to pick on two things, weight or relationship status. haha. Or at least my extended family would do la. I have always been a big girl and over the years I've learn to embraced it, but of course if I can, I would want to be on a healthier scale. I'm was really reluctant to write about this but the results was quite good and I thought why not share it. Even though if this is a sponsored post, it took me a long time to accept it until I tried it out for myself. Shall just tell you my entire experience with this slimming coffee product.

Ask anyone and you would know that I prefer indoors over outdoors. I prefer movies over physical activities. In short, I'm a lazy girl. So knowing that, I bet you can guess that exercising isn't my favourite pass time. BUT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. haha. While trying out this product, I didn't do any exercise, if anything, I ate more because of CNY Food Reviews (stay tune for that!).

So anyways when I first got mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee Beverage, everything looked good. Everything was pretty much straight forward with the ingredients list, direction, storage, main function of product, nutritional facts and precaution. I usually forget stuff easily so I took this once in two days and even with that, to my surprise, there was results. LOL.

I love coffee, especially mocha so this was easy to drink. This product takes pride in being all natural with their ingredients. In which their ingredients help to control appetite (with garcinia cambogia extract), increase thermogenesis (production of heat in the body), burn body fat and etc.

So after much pursuasion from a few friends that were taking mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee Beverage. I decided to give it a go. I took it once in 2 days. Drank it 30 minutes before breakfast (think of it as your morning coffee). This drink wasn't nor was it bitter. It smells great when I'm waiting for the powder to dissolve. It's like drinking milo without any sugar in it. The coffee wasn't strong, it tasted more like a cocoa/hot chocolate drink as compare to mocha.

I lost 2 kg in a week. That is without any exercise, so if you paired exercising, watching your meals and this drink, I think it would be more effective to get the desire weight you want. Just want to share with you all something in addition. Not sure if it was the drink or maybe lack of sleep but I did feel a bit dizzy during the process. Also, there wasn't any diarrhea involve when taking this drink, so for those who has a weak stomach, its safe.

I would like to HIGHLIGHT that this is my experience and everyone's body works differently. Also do note that 18 years old and below are not advisable to take this. After all, below 18 are still growing and you won't want to mess up your hormones. For those weak in health, check with your doctor first if you would like to take this.

Like I said, everyone experience things differently. If you are up for a challenge or a new change in this new year, I don't see a problem trying mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee out. Plus it's like a morning drink for you to enjoy before you start your day. Just remember to take it moderately. Everything is always good in moderation anyways. Hope this helps those who are looking for a change.

mAi Dark Mocha Specialty Coffee 
RM86 | 10 sachets per box

Have a great weekend ahead!
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