Natural Beauty Products by Claire Organics, Da:Men USJ

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Natural Beauty Products by Claire Organics, Da:Men USJ
Think handmade skin care items with essential oil remedies and almost immediately I'll think of Claire Organics. I think I first heard of them 2 years ago and ever since then been constantly seeing them at regular bazaars. At first look, I love their turquoises design packaging along with all of the benefits and natural goodness you get from using their products.

Been using their lip balm for almost a year now and am loving how icy it feels to help moisturize my lips. Was super ecstatic for Clarie Organics when they invited me to their first ever store at Da:Men USJ Mall.

Even got to meet Louise (Founder of Claire Organics) for a brief moment. So I heard that the brand name Claire was inspired by the founder's daughter's name, Norra Claire, which means clear & pure in French. Can you imagine if your name is ever chosen as an inspiration to a brand's name? Anyways, it's really a sweet inside to how Claire Organics got it's name, definitely a story I won't forget.

There are a variety of products in the store. From herbal balms, soap, essential oils, lip balm, hair/scalp/face/body oil products and even scrubs! Definitely there is something for everyone in the store.

Starting off with the Herbal Balm, it's available for different situation that you need a quick fix for. Plus I love that it's small and easy to bring around. You can tuck it into your make up pouch, pencil box or even your purse if you have a big coin compartment. There are 8 types of balms which are anti-wrinkle, happy feet, sunscreen, bug off, happy belly, happy bum, healing and luscious cocoa.

My friend, laura, been using their anti-wrinkle for ages and she swears that her face is so cleared of blemishes because of the balm. Because of her, I am actually thinking to try it. So far I am using healing balm for smoothing any insect bites or itchiness I experienced.

As for their lip balms, I'm currently using snowy cocoa. It's like putting ice on your lips with chocolate scent. I usually applied it once and it would last throughout the day.

Claire organics have other products too but I have yet to try them. Will be trying out the Clary Sage hair and scalp oil product soon as my scalp & hair needs a quick fix especially during our hot climate.

 They even have loofah! Good for a good scrub on the body.

 They are famous for their goat milk soap (good for sensitive skin) and bamboo soap (good for those with acne)

 Their wide collection of Essential Oil

 Their body scrubs, I can't wait to try out the lemongrass & ginger.

Cute soap pouch 

They also do party favours for any events that you have or even personalize items to fit your needs. They also turn breastmilk into soaps for those who would like to give their family members or just keep it for memories sake. If you are thinking to get some of these products, now you don't have to wait for their next bazaar or order them online but now you can get it straight from their store at Da:Men USJ Mall.

Claire Organics
Lot G-34B, Ground Floor, Da:Men USJ, 1, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
10am - 10pm
012 2912138

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