How To Get The Cheapest Flight & Hotel

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How To Get The Cheapest Flight & Hotel
I grew up with the belief of making the most of any of my travel. Be it to a foreign land or just a road trip, I always want to make sure that I will fully enjoy my trip. Ever wonder how some people make traveling look so easy? With your friends' pictures posted on facebook or instagram, did you ever wonder how do they afford to always travel?

I did my fair share of traveling abroad and when ever I or my family plan for a trip, we always make sure we would be wise on our spending.What are you willing to splurge at and what are you willing to save on? Number 1 rule of any frequent traveler would be to SET A BUDGET for your travel. Be realistic when setting your budget. Make sure to do your fair share of RESEARCH on the place that you are going to. Check out on the food, language, places to visit, weather and etc. Today, we are spoiled with unlimited amount of resources, especially online with the various travel sites, travel blogs, travel videos and even travel apps.

I'll be honest with you, traveling isn't hard but it's the planning process that will drive you insane. I'm not a detailed person and I like to finish my tasks with the easiest method I can find. So what about traveling? These days we have everything on our phone and we can't live without it because it's like our lives are on it. What if I told you that you can view 20+ airlines at once and book the cheapest flight from it? What if I told you that you can do the same for hotels and book the cheapest hotel at your travel destination?

About a year ago I found out about Traveloka, a platform where you can find the cheapest flight/hotel stay to your travel destination. I used to access the site on my laptop but now I can use their app and easily access my booking via my mobile phone. I was checking out flights for Dubai the other day on Emirates airlines and found it difficult to go back and forth on getting the cheapest flight for the date I want.

Was so surprise to see Traveloka Mobile App have user friendly calendar with public holidays even stated on it

I could even sort and filter the type of flight I would want. From there I can choose the cheapest flight I wanted. 

Which makes it super easy for booking the flight in the end and having an easy access to view the final price. 

Comparing Traveloka app with AirAsia website, definitely Traveloka wins hands down on how user friendly it is. Also I noticed that Traveloka doesn't add any extra charges. Love how their prices are final at payment.

When booking for hotels, I was amaze with how I could find the hotel I want with stating the street I would like to live at. So do make sure you know the famous street in your travel destination. (Ie: Kuala Lumpur famous street is Bukit Bintang). 

 Information of the hotel is also found on the app. It's like viewing any hotel booking site but imagine all of this are found in the app. From the hotel pictures, distance of malls and available rooms, everything is stated. The app even informs what facilities the hotel has and also place TripAdvisor ratings there.

Just like booking flights, it's easy to book your hotel.

As compare to booking hotels on agoda with the same type search, I found it difficult as there wasn't much selection as compare to traveloka.

So, all in all to reduce your time planning and to save money for your travel, I would say that Traveloka is a very handy tool for it. Especially when you can use it on the go. Hope this help those who has been having a hard time finding cheap flights or hotels.

Also exclusive for you guys, I heard that Traveloka will be having an amazing FLIGHT DEAL this week! Do subscribe to Traveloka Newsletter HERE and don't miss out on the special book flight deal! 

Download the app on Google Play Store | App Store

Happy Traveling!
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