Pure Beauty Intense Treatment Essence

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Pure Beauty Intense Treatment Essence
Yesterday was the launch of Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence at WOLO, Bukit Bintang. Been a huge fan of Watson and Pure Beauty product that when I first saw this product in their retail store, I kinda lost it. Was excited to see how this product would be like. I didn't really take much pictures of the event instead I took more of the product (Do let me know if you guys like this or rather see event pictures).

This Essence is the addition product to the Pure Beauty Family. Made in Korea. It contains 95.3% of Galatomyces (which is an enrich fermented yeast concentrate containing amino acid, vitamin and enzyme), known to help with brightening & firming skin. Another ingredient in the product is Bulgari Rose Water which as most of us know is the agent to help restore hydration and is good for anti aging. NOTE this product claims to be free of fragrance, paraben, lanolin and alcohol. 

At first look of the bottle it looks a lot like SKII/Misha Essence. When I first picked up the product, I realize how light it is, it's not glass for those who are worry of being a klutz. I  really love how the packaging is, silver transparent and simple. Very minimalistic.

I dabbed a few drops on my hand to try out the product and there was a faint fermented smell. In a few seconds, my skin absorbed the product. It left no sticky traces or any feeling of application of a product. Felt my skin a little softer as compare to my other hand which had no product on. The product is very light like water.

The instruction on the bottle said to dab the product onto a cotton pad then apply onto the face but what I usually do for essence is putting it on my palm and gently pad it onto my face. That way, the product wont be wasted on the cotton pad and that I will get every drop of it, if not on my face then at least on my palm.

In case, some of you don't know, Essence is an EXTRA skin care product which is a beauty must-do by most Koreans. Essence benefit are reducing fine lines, minimizing appearance of pores, providing more hydration to the skin, even out skin tone, smoother and softer skin. There was a skin analysis at the event and I am happy to say that my skin has minimal pore and pigment. But I need to work out on to even out my skin. Apparently there are some dead skin that I need to exfoliate off and I need more water on my face as it's oily-dry.

We have our three typical routine which is CLEANSE - TONE - MOISTURIZE. For those who would like to up your game, especially just protecting or treating your skin, I would recommend you to do so. So for those who like to go all out on skin care, here are my 7 step skin care routine that I am doing now EXFOLIATE (once a week) - CLEANSE - TONE - ESSENCE - SERUM - MOISTURIZE - SLEEPING MASK (once a week).

I would say that this product is a good steal for those who want better complexion. A lot of essence these days are priced above RM 200. This product can be obtain at any Watsons outlet nationwide.

Pure Beauty The First Intense Treatment Essence
RM 119 | 150 ML | Watson Outlets

Stay beautiful
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