Bring Your Mom Out For A Free Movie Date

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Bring Your Mom Out For A Free Movie Date
Think of that one person who loves you without wanting anything in return. As the years passed, we are all so accustom to the habit of thinking what do we benefit when doing something for others. But if you think about it, from the moment we are born, a mother is there ensuring that we have all of our needs met.

From making sure that we are feed, walking up late nights when we are crying, picking us up when we fall, buying our favourite snacks, always ensuring the family eats first before caring of her own meal and I bet there are more. All of us have different experiences but the thing we all have in common would be our moms would put us first in her mind. Even though it may not be the way we want it to be or maybe our moms give us tough love, in the end all she wants is for us to have the best.


Since she wants the best for us, why not we too give her the best we can? For those who are still thinking on what to do for this Mother's Day, why not bring her out for a movie date? In collaboration with 1 Utama Shopping Centre, and TGV Cinemas we will be giving away 10 pairs of "Mother's Day" premierE movie tickets and 10 sets of premiums for you and your mom.

Movie Premier Date: 3rd May 2016 (Tuesday) 9PM

How to win a pair of movie tickets & set of premium?
1. Comment below this blogpost, "I want to bring my mom out for mother's day!"
2. Email me your details (Name, Phone Number, IC and the name you used in the comment box)
Email: jessytheklchic@gmail.com


Giveaway Period: 20th - 24th April 2016

Special Thanks Again to 1 Utama & TGV Cinemas
1 Utama: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
TGV Cinemas: Facebook

All the best and bless your mother this Mother's day!
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