GIVEAWAY + Body Buddy ALOE VERA Moisture Real Skincare

GIVEAWAY + Body Buddy ALOE VERA Moisture Real Skincare
The heat and rain is so intense these days. From one moment it's hot and the next it's cold, sort of like a Katy Perry song Hot n Cold going on and leaves my skin looking like a hot mess. Recently I got a chance to try out Body Buddy Aloe Vera moisturizing skincare range that is made in Korea. After all, moisture is always good for the skin.
Believe it or not but Body Buddy is a local brand founded since 2010. Aside from skincare, they also have a range of cosmetics and personal cares products are made in Korea. As we can tell from Body Buddy Aloe Vera moisture series, the main ingredient is Aloe Vera with and made of 98% Aloe Vera extract base! It is free from 6 harmful elements for our skin including Silicone, Benzophenone, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Sulphate and Pigments. Without these elements, even sensitive skin it's safe for usage.

Why Aloe Vera?
As we know, it is a cactus plant that has been widely used to help soothe and moisturize skin. It also helps to prevent skin flaking from happening. Aside from face, most also use it for the entire body to provide moisture.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Cleansing Foam
Aside from hydrating, soothing and rejuvenating the skin, this cleanser also states that it helps remove sebum (pores) and impurities. 
Start first with applying a 20-cent amount of cleansing cream on your hand and lather it with water until it foams up well then thoroughly rub unto your face for cleansing then rinse. Love how there isn't any smell to this cleanser.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel Mist
After cleansing, it's time for toner or in this case is using the soothing gel mist to help gives a cooling sensation along with moisturizing the skin. Other than the face, this gel mist can also be used on the body and hair too! I spray about two times on my face after cleansing, the amount of times varies according to your need. 
Also through out the day, when you are feeling hot and need a little refresh, you can also spray the mist on your face. Do know that it has a light smell of aloe vera that would disappear after a few seconds.

ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel
Here comes the star product of the range which I know most people go cray cray for. Instead of the traditional method of placing the smoothing gel in a container, ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel is placed in a tub form, which helps to be more hygienic and the product doesn't get caught in your finger nails! 
Just like the mist, this gel can be apply onto your body too and at anytime of the day. Aside from my face, I love to use it on my hands, elbows, knees and feet as those are the driest parts of my body.

After all that read, I bet you would want to try out this product for yourself. Well you are in LUCK! Thanks to Body Buddy, I'm able to give ONE lucky winner BODY BUDDY ALOEVERA PRODUCTS WORTH RM 100!

1X - ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel | 500ml | RM 38.60
1X - ALOEVERA Moisture Real Mask | 10 pieces | RM 59

Leave a comment below with your name, email address and why you need these products.

- Contest ends on 13th May 2016 at 12pm
- The most creative comment wins the prize!

Body Buddy
Products are exclusively found at Caring Pharmacy with 10% discount now!
ALOEVERA Moisture Real Cleansing Foam | 100g | RM 27.90
ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel Mist | 150g | RM 29.90
ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel | 150g | RM 18.90

All the best!
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  1. Name: Ivy Gan
    Email: ivy_gan@hotmail.com
    I need the ALOEVERA Moisture Real Mask because that's my essential beauty product on every night! :)
    Let me win! :P

  2. Name; Sherry email : sherrygo@hotmail.com
    I need ALOEVERA Moisture Real Soothing Gel because I want to pamper my skin with alovera moisture a skin care for daily use. Will share this with my loved ones if I win, sharing is caring :D

  3. Name: Leona Lim
    Email: leonalim@gmail.com
    I need these products so I can pamper my hubby's skin as he only uses products with Aloe Vera! Thanks!

  4. Kien Mei
    I need these products because I just plant Aloe Vera so it takes time to grow up. In the means time hope can use this products first while waiting it to be grow :D

  5. Name: Puisan
    Email: puisan99@live.com
    I have tried "Nature Republic" and "The Face Shop" aloe vera soothing gel! Never try this brand's aloe gel before! I use aloe gel every night before I went to bed and I really like how it keeps my skin moisturizing for the whole night! Hope I get selected! tee-hee

  6. Name: Ng Wei Wen
    Email : n_wei_wen@hotmail.com
    Reason:I need these products as I believe aloe vera are gifts from mother nature to help our skin stay moisturize especially in a hot place like Malaysia :)

  7. Name : Sue Mah
    Email : sweetheaven841@gmail.com
    Why : I need the products so badly as my skin is running out of dryness and skin does need a fresh look.
    I want to look good in every way.

  8. Name : Sue Mah
    Email : sweetheaven841@gmail.com
    Why : I need the products so badly as my skin is running out of dryness and skin does need a fresh look.
    I want to look good in every way.

  9. Name: Geraldine Yong
    Email : wanyyg@hotmail.com

    ALOHA! the heat and the sun has been kissing me like crazy, I need to have these to cool me down!

  10. Name: Ng Wei Wen
    Email: n_wei_wen@hotmail.com
    Reason: I need these products as aloe vera is a gift from mother nature for our skin as it helps to hydrate our skin during constant hot days in Malaysia

  11. Name: Princess Neverland
    Email: liewsinyee@hotmail.co.uk
    Reason: Actually I'm not the one who needs these products but it's my dad who needs them instead. My dad has very dry skin and his skin gets itchy very easily. I feel very heartache every time I see him scratching his skin till the extend that he gets redness and rashes and worst, his skin gets peeled off. I always ask him not to scratch that hard but I also understand that the itchiness brought by dry skin is very unbearable. Therefore, I hope to win these products to help my dad on his dry skin, I can give them to him as a Father's Day present too! I'm sure that he will feel very happy to have his dry skin soothed by these moisturizing skin care!

    Thanks for the giveaway Jessica!

  12. Name: Angeline Tong
    Email: angeline.tong@hotmail.com
    Reason: I really, really, really need this "Body Buddy" to battle the effects of heatwave on my dry and sensitive skin. Bet you, everyone in the family wouldn't be able to resist using it. It's gonna be finished in no time...and to the pharmacy I need to go to replenish with more. Moreover, I support Malaysian brand, a hidden gem indeed, now make renowned. Thanks,Jessy for sharing.
    PS: Keeping my fingers crossed to win. XOXOXO

  13. Name: Eriol Loh
    Email: bubblegum_77@hotmail.com
    Reason: The reason is I went to krabi and I get sunburn after sun bath, Aloe Vera can help to moisture my sensitive skin and cooling my burn and dark skin to turn back fair and smooth skin.

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