FUNA - The Ultimate Family Locator App

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FUNA - The Ultimate Family Locator App
Raise your hand if you have concern parents. The ones that always need to know your location, who you are with at that moment and why you are with them. Well that is my parents. I don't hate it but there are times that I forget to inform them and I would get a dozen of calls. There are times when I couldn't pick up my calls because I was busy or didn't realise the phone ringing and it would cause my parents to be worry. Imagine if you can inform all of your love ones your location instantly with a click of a button?
FUNA Family Locator is a mobile application that is available for downloads for both Android & IOS. Some may feel that this app could be invading your privacy but do know that this app gives you full control on who you would like to show your location too. Lets say you got a love one traveling abroad and you feel worry and constant communication could be hard because of your hectic schedule? Well then think about how convenient this is to be updated of your love one location when you just need an update?
Aside from going abroad, maybe it's just changing states for a business trip or you have to go away for college and your parents just want to know your whereabouts. Definitely save the hassle of them calling every 10 minutes just to know if you are save or reach your destination. When you arrive safely at the location you're suppose to be at, you can choose to check in to show the group of people you included in the app. For this app, I had my mom and dad on it as they are constantly worried for my safety with the rise of crime rates in the city.
The best part of this app is that there is a Location Alert Settings. Let's say you are about to have a meeting with your friends at a certain location. When you turn on the location alert to 1km, your friends would be notify of your arrive when you are within the distance of 1 km by the app notification. It beats calling or texting to ask your friends are they on the way or how far more are they to reach the destination..
Let's say you met with an accident on the road and (this happened to me before) didn't know how to inform your love ones the location of the street or which highway section you are at? There is a SOS Button found on the app. Which once activated, it will inform all of your chosen contact listed in the app your current location. Aside from accidents, maybe it could be other emergency situations. It really saves time instead of calling or texting one person at a time.
Anyways try it for yourself and let me know what you think of it.
FUNA Family Locator

Stay safe everyone!
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