Korean Fish Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert at Aboong Malaysia (SS15, Subang)

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Korean Fish Waffle Frozen Yogurt Dessert at Aboong Malaysia (SS15, Subang)
Like any typical weekend it's a great time to hunt for a new hangout place around the area. It was a scorching hot afternoon and instantly I just needed something cold to help ease with the current Malaysian Weather. Been seeing a lot of the Korean fish waffle with frozen yogurt posting on Instagram and thought to give it a try since it was just around the neighborhood and it was definitely worth the treat.

If I'm not wrong Aboong Malaysia cafe has been open since December 2015 and it's the only store that serves Korean cake in a shape of a fish (bungeoppangs) and turning them into soft-waffle with frozen yoghurt. 

First choose the size of your fish-cone-bun (regular size is RM10 and they were out of stock for large size when I was there). Then pick a base filling of red bean, custard or Nutella (Additional charge of RM1). Currently they are having two types of frozen yogurt, original and milky cheese. Tried them both and would go with the original hands down. They also have a red velvet fish-cone-bun available when I was there.

Do know that it takes a while for the Aboong to be made. The staff first have to make the base with the fillings, then they would let the waffle cool down in order to put the frozen yogurt and then decorate the Aboong.  

One of Aboong staff decorating the Aboong

I ordered the original frozen yogurt with Nutella filling. 

In Korean dramas the fish buns are shown and love that how Malaysia also have this! Once you get your Aboong, I suggest that you eat it right away because with our weather, the frozen yogurt would quickly melt and everything would be a hot messed. 

Love the uniqueness of this dessert and if it was a bit cheaper, I would be visiting this shop often. Definitely a must try item with friends, family or just a treat for yourself.

Nutella Yogurt and Red Velvet

Also when you purchase an Aboong, you can get RM 3 OFF when you purchase a drink

I got myself a Grapefruit Honey Drink

Aboong Ice Cream Malaysia

49, Jalan 15/8a, Subang Jaya, Selangor. 

Have a great week ahead!
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