Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

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Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream
Raise your hand if you are a fan of matte lipsticks?! Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are trending all around the world and to get one of the product is like finding an earring in a desert. Trust me I tried. Not once but twice on her site and failed. Since then I've been finding alternative, dupes you can call it. AND GUESS WHAT?!! I FOUND IT. Girls let me introduce you to THE BEST MATTE LIP CREAM YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE. Until now I can't believe that I got it and it was less than RM20! 

Before you all jump to any conclusions, this is not a sponsored post. Truly genuinely I love this product and I even went to 4 malls and 24 outlets to hunt down for these products. I still can't believe that it's by Silkygirl because the quality and colours are on point.

I think Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream came out at the end of April 2016. I just got mine a couple of days ago (15th May 2016) in Guardian, Subang Parade. I litterally went every other pharmacy store and they were sold out. This range comes in 5 shades: Retro, Glamour, Rebel, Vintage and Vixen. Immediately I fell in love with Retro and Vintage, it's so rare to find that shade of nude in the market.

Don't judge me but I took my swatches and Guardian and the staff even helped me. I bet they never seen anyone so happy getting lip creams. I practically went nuts when I saw that they have stock in the store and told the staff how rare the products are. At one swipe I love how the colour matches the colour of the packaging and display. Just one swipe and the colour shows. Pretty damn pigmented if you ask me.

The applicator is a doe-foot and easy to use. I didn't have a problem applying it on my lips and the packaging is simple. The original price of this is RM 21.90 but currently they are having a promotional price at Guardian for only RM 18.90. Forgotten how much it was at Watsons, anyways you can't find any stock at Watsons as most of their stores are out of stock.

I wore it for an event and needless to say, it surprised me. It's dries up super fast, it does not transfer the colour ANYWHERE. Which if you want to make out while looking good, this is the perfect lip Cream. The only time that the colour came out was when I had my food and they were kinda oily. Face it, any make up product would come out once in contact with oil. So it's super long wearing in my opinion.

 End up buying 3 of Retro (for friends) and 1 Vintage

Picture taken at after wearing for 6 hours without reapplication

The only down side to this lip cream is that it can get a tad bit dry. So do moisture your lips with lip balm before applying the lip cream. Plus this isn't as dry as other Matte Lipstick that actually made my lips peal. Another thing is that, it's a bit hard to remove this. I took about 9 wipes of wet wipes to remove the swatches off and there were still some colour left on my arm. haha. But when I remove it from my lips after wearing it for 12 hours, it was easily removed. Just make sure you use an oil base removal to remove the lip cream.

RM 21.90
Good luck getting them!
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