Buka Puasa With Kluang Station Ramadan Special Menu!

Buka Puasa With Kluang Station Ramadan Special Menu!
How are you guys doing? It's the Ramadan season and bet there are plenty of amazing food choices around town. To those who are thinking to grab some Ramadan food without going to the hassle of heading to bazaar then you can check out Kluang Station's Ramadan Special! Kluang Station is a restaurant that serves amazing local cuisine ranging from Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Western food.

I got a chance to try out the Ramadan Special Menu at Kluang Station's The Waterfront Parkcity Outlet. It was my first time there and it ought to be the prettiest Kluang Station outlet. They have outdoor seats for those who wants to enjoy the fresh air and indoor seating with beautifully wooden clean interior designs.

This year Kluang Station Ramadan Special is inspired by Middle East food delicacy, Mandi Rice. In case you don't know Mandi rice is usually cooked with a mixture of spices and meat. Also the Mandi rice is usually longer than usual (Basmanthi Rice).

Kluang Station Ramadan Special Menu have 3 main dishes to choose from which are Spiced Basmathi Rice With Whole Leg Chicken, Spiced Basmathi Rice With Spicy Beef Dendeng and Spiced Basmathi Rice With Lamb Curry. The main dishes comes with two side dishes (chickpeas tomato salsa and butter yogurt), dates and Sirap Selasih. You can also request for Dhal Curry on the side as it is FREE! Make sure to ask for it and you will get it.

Dhal Curry, Sirap Selasih and Dates
Spiced Basmathi Rice with Whole Leg Chicken | RM 22.65
This ought to be my favourite dish from the rest as the chicken was really moist and easy to chew. Love how it wasn't over or under cooked and done just right. Plus if you can't stand spicy this is the dish for you and it isn't oily too.

Spiced Basmathi Rice with Beef Dendeng | RM 22.65
THIS IS THE BOMB. First time trying this and it literally made me teared. Felt an explosion in my mouth trying to finish this dish. The beef is soft and tender along with the sweet spicy sambal.

Spiced Basmathi Rice with Lamb Curry | RM 22.65
Oh lamb, seriously love this combination of curry and lamb. The curry wasn't too spicy and just perfect. The meat was beautifully cooked and easy to chew.

What really caught me by surprise was the side dishes, Chickpeas with Tomato Salsa and Butter Yogurt. Both side dishes compliments all three of the main dishes, especially the butter yogurt. It was my first time experiencing it, the butter yogurt had a savory and sour taste with crunchy onion.

Also if you like to cater for your events or parties, Kluang stations also do provide those services. You can get breakfast, lunch, tea time and dinner menu from asian to western cuisine. Prices range from RM10 to RM20 per pax, affortable right? If you are interested, you can contact them at catering@kluangstation.com.my, 03-6143 3338 or 03-6143 5332. For those who like to go into F&B, Kluang Station also offers opportunity to franchise, for more information contact atfranchise@kluangstation.com.my

Check out Kluang Station for the Ramadan special! 
Kluang Station
Have a great week ahead!
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  1. This looks super appetising, especially the curry! Hope you have a joyful Hari Raya holidays :)

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  3. I really like all the dishes that you have shown. But I wonder how to cook the chicken. she does not usually red


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