Cheesy Pork Korean BBQ At Gogi King (Solaris Mont Kiara, KL)

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Cheesy Pork Korean BBQ At Gogi King (Solaris Mont Kiara, KL)
My first visit here was a year ago and ever since then I been coming back. Hi Y'all! How'd you doing? It's been a while since there was just a casual post of my recent food hunt. I first heard of this place when I was browsing on instagram and came across a CHEESE Korean BBQ pit. It was a glorious sight and a week from seeing that picture, I went and visit GOGI KING!

Gogi King located at the heart Solaris Mont Kiara brings you back to a rustic atmosphere with comic drawings on the wall. The restaurant is open air with a hint of aircon if you are lucky siting next to it. Their table top grills ain't electric and actually use charcoals. Which is usually most preferred by Koreans as it cooks the meat better than electric or gas grills.

So far out of all of my Korean BBQ Food Hunt, Gogi King ought to be the cheapest! I only paid RM 55 for Samgyeopsal grilled pork belly, 100g of Hangjundsal pork shoulder butt and 150g of Moksal Collar.

This can easily feed 3-4 girls with the portion given!

All of the refillable side dishes

For all Korean BBQ orders, Gogi King will provide free first serving of cheese. It is HEAVEN IN A BITE. When you are done with the first serving and want more, you have to top up RM 3 FOR THE NEXT CHEESE SERVING. Usually for my visits, my friends and I only needed one serving of the cheese to last us through the meal.

Cheese on the left and egg on the right
You can either cook it yourself or get the staff there to do it for you
While waiting for everything to be cook
Once it's cook, grab it and don't wait because it might just burn on the pan
Highly recommended, Corn Cheese | RM 20

Plus wanted to have some alcohol while enjoying a good old bbq
Makgeolli (Rice Wine) | RM 25

Took a picture of the menu, sorry about the bluriness. I tried my best.

Do check out Gogi King Facebook Page as they often have random promotion on either their meat or on their alcohol. This isn't sponsored, I just really love food and all good things ought to be shared. Have a great time visiting this place with your friends or family!

1, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
03-6206 5256

Happy food hunting!
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