Number76 | Milbon's Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment

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 Number76 | Milbon's Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment
Getting my hair done is a relaxing time for me. As compare to going for a spa for a body massage, I rather go for a hair wash with a scalp wash. So imagine when I heard that one of an amazing Japanese shampoo brand Jemile Fran is available in Malaysia now! Plus the shampoo smells like roses and leaves your hair feeling soft.

Early this month I got a chance to try out the product first hand at Number76 Starhill Branch. Been waiting to visit Number76 Starhill but didn't had a chance since it was in KL. Am really loving the beautiful polish interior of the saloon. For the event everything was decorated beautifully in pink for the launch of Milbon's Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment. Felt like a wonderland fluffy princess themed party with the delicious cupcakes , macarons and even pink pocky!

One look at Milbon's Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment packaging and I knew I was in love. The packaging looks so luxurious and dreamy. There are two types of  Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment which are Silky & Shiny and Juicy & Glossy.

 Silky & Shiny

 Juicy & Glossy

Silky & Shiny is best suited for fine hair as it contains Elastic Collagen in the product and help give out a shiny voluminous effect. While for Juicy & Glossy is best suited for normal to course hair as it contains Silk Softener in the product and help give out a glossy smooth finish effect. Since my hair is always rough and frizzy I got to try out Juicy & Glossy.

Jemile Fran Shampoo: Fine hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates and stores moisture, expands hair core to condition cuticles.
Jemile Fran Treatment: CMADK absorbs into damaged hair for healthier condition, continuous manageability, tangle-free.

At Number76, once they apply the shampoo at my hair, I could immediate smell the rose scent. They massage my hair with the shampoo and water until I could feel bubbles foaming up. Do note that you have to wet your entire hair before using this product to get the effects. Once you achieved a good amount of foam on your hair, you are good to rinse it off  and immediately I could feel the difference. My hair was silkier and smoother.

Next up was application of treatment on my hair. Make sure to never touch your scalp with hair treatment. After the entire wash and treatment, my hair looks refreshed and clean. Best part of this is that I know I can achieve this at home with Milbon's Jemile Fran.

So how can you get the products? Head over to any of Number76 outlets to get them. It's RM 80 for shampoo and RM 92 for treatment.

Are you ready for the best part? Currently Milbon Jemile Fran Shampoo & Treatment have a limited edition box set. Which also comes with a travel size set too! Love how lovely and dreamy the box set looks. The limited edition box set is RM 172. Hurry and get them since it's limited!

All of the bloggers at the event
 Wonderful Milbon Team

Took a few pictures after the event with my hair curled from Number76 after the wash and treatment.

Hope this helps those who are looking for a good new shampoo for your hair.

Stay beautiful
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