The Only Program In Malaysia That Will Reward You For Taking Care of Your Health!

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The Only Program In Malaysia That Will Reward You For Taking Care of Your Health!
What if I told you that there is a program out there that can reward you each time you take care of your health? Yes that's right. And guess what? It's actually available in Malaysia! Just the thought of having this program is already making me feel motivated to start taking care of my health!
If you think about it, there isn't any program like this we ever had and I bet you're wondering WHO is offering this? Early this month, AIA Bhd. launched AIA Vitality, a health and wellness programme that provides us with the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to improve our health. The program includes health and wellness benefits, which would definitely help motivate Malaysians take better care of their health. I mean....imagine if I told you you can get points to redeem a flight ticket if you visit the gym or go for a medical check up, bet you would be more excited to actually visit the doctor or hit the treadmills, wouldn't you?
Those who join the program will enjoy additional life insurance or takaful coverage on selected plans, free of charge! Plus they will also get customized advice, guidance and even receive rewards to encourage them to be healthier. This program is in-line with AIA’s commitment to champion healthy living and focus on preventive healthcare for individuals and families in Malaysia and across the Asia-Pacific region. I bet everyone would want to lead a healthy lifestyle and AIA Vitality is the additional 'push' motivation for us all!

All we need to do is take small, realistic steps really…eat healthily, take the staircase instead of the elevator, park further away from your office entrance, eat nutritious and wholesome food and take up a fun, fitness class! The rewards will keep you continuously motivated!

While at the launch of AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality membership will first be opened to customers who purchase any new life insurance policy or takaful certificate with AIA. For those who sign up for AIA Vitality with AIA’s flagship products A-Life Link and its takaful equivalent, A-Life Link-i, they can potentially receive free additional coverage of up to 45% on death and disability. This additional coverage will vary annually depending on how engaged the member is with the programme. The programme will be made available to existing AIA customers later this year. 

Group Chief Executive and President of AIA Group, Mark Tucker, Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group, Bill Lisle, and Chief Executive Officer of AIA Bhd., Anusha Thavarajah.

Here Is My Vitality Age

The programme consists of three main sections – know your health, improve your health and enjoy the rewards. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Customers who participate in AIA Vitality first complete the AIA Vitality Health Review to determine their “AIA Vitality Age”, an indicator of overall health that may be higher or lower than their actual age. Sadly my vitality age is higher than my actual age which means I need to take on a more healthy lifestyle. I guess it's time to hit the gym soon!

While on this program, customers will get to evaluate their personal health goals, which they can take part in a variety of healthy activities, like running, walking and etc, even buying healthy groceries from the supermarket, or having a medical check-up would contribute to their overall AIA Vitality Journey. After completing each of these activities, they will earn “AIA Vitality Points”. The more points they earn, the greater the rewards to redeem! Sounds amazing right? I can foresee not just myself but my mom as well in redeeming a lot of rewards since she is always on-the-go with her active daily schedule and healthy lifestyle regime. Am actually curious on what's her AIA Viatality age. Shall ask her to check hers soon!

Improve your health with healthy food choices

To make this programme simple and accessible, we are able to connect the programme with our mobile applications and wearable fitness devices, making it easy for AIA Vitality members to track their goals and log their activities to earn points anytime and anywhere!

Bet you must wondering, what can you use these points for? Be prepare to be amazed with joy because there are gym membership, wearable fitness devices, fitness apparel, healthy food, health screenings and fitness assessments, hotels, airlines and movies. And AIA Vitality Members will also receive discounts between 15% and 50% from AirAsia, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts, BP Healthcare, Emirates, Fitbit, Fitness First, Garmin, Guardian, Marriott, Medklinn, Mongoose Publishing’s Men’s Health & Women’s Health magazines and Reebok.

To be honest, I can't wait to sign onto this program because I would love to receive discount from Fitness First and be able to collect points for flights from Air Asia while taking care of my health.  Honestly, there is so much to gain and nothing to lose! So let’s get our health in check and our body moving to a healthier lifestyle together! Find out more at www.aiavitality.com.my

Stay healthy everyone!
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