The Ultimate RM 1 Deal!

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The Ultimate RM 1 Deal!
Ever worried about streaming a video online without any wifi or watching your friend's insta story while using your data? I used to remember limiting myself to a youtube video a month when I had limited data. I bet these days, when ever you're out of the house, sitting on the train or just want time to pass fast you would either check social media or watch videos or play games online. Ever get worry that you might finish your data and don't have enough money for more?

Well guess what? DIGI got your back. Recently DIGI PREPAID offered the ultimate promotion. What do you think you can buy with RM 1? Even nasi lemak or teh ais cost at least RM1.20 and above for them. But you know what? With RM 1 you can get UNLIMITED Internet calls (voice and video) or unlimited social media-lite or unlimited video-lite streaming. All thanks to DIGI Prepaid Unlimited Daily Passes From Just RM 1.

Anyone else watching Goblin? :)

You can watch your drama shows with only RM 1 from Youtube, Iflix, Tonton and Viu at 512kbps (Valid for 24 hours). Aside from that, you can also opt for the social pack where you can get the latest updates from facebook. The last but not least staying connected with your friends and family through voice or video calls from whatsapp, wechat and facebook messenger.

Who else here take pictures first before eating like my sister?

To those who wonder how I always manage to post numerous pictures and videos on my facebook, it's because I got the right plan and yes I'm a DIGI user. Have been one since 12 and am still using my first ever phone number I got. Talk about being loyal right? haha. Anyways good stuff have to share, hence I'm writing this post.

Anyways, if anyone ever ask what can you buy with RM 1, at least now you can say data or unlimited streaming video or internet calls or facebook-ing for a day! For more details on this promotion or any other updates, head on over to DIGI Website.

Stay connected and have a beautiful day ahead!
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