2017 New Year Goals

2017 New Year Goals
Hi guys, this post isn't a mistake. Yes I do know that it is already the end of February, and this might be a little to late post but at least I'm getting it done before I forget the goals I set at the start of the year. I actually listed all of these on the eve of 2017 New Years. 

It's been stuck in my phone notepad since then and I thought that jotting this down on my blog would give me a better reminder and I would be able to look back on these goals I made in the future.

Before I list down my goals for 2017, just want to recap 2016. 2016 has been an amazing year. There were a lot of memorable moments, from getting my first job, graduating from degree, traveling to Japan for the first time and reaching 4 MILLION VIEWS on my blog. Am really thankful for all of the blessings given and I thank God for each of them.

Jacquelyn's Graduation
Getting My First Job
My Graduation
Traveling to Japan (Summer & Autumn 2016)

It's always good to look back once in a while, so that you'll be able to plan ahead. I still can't believe that I will be turning 25 this year. So many times to do, but so little time. Hopefully this time, I would be able to achieve all of my 2017 New Year Goals.
1. Take Care Of Me
- Exercise and get strong (lose 10kg if possible)
- Be happier. Laugh more, give more and care less.
- Learn to cook more
- Spend less and save more (RM 10k)

2. Be Productive
- Blog once a week (Reach 6 Million views on the blog)
- Be on time (especially for church)

3. Grow
- Learn how to use Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Illustrator
- Organise and declutter the unnecessary
- Work smarter, not harder
- Speak as much Korean as possible (I actually took an exam for beginners class and passed!)

What about you? What are your New Year Goals?

Have a great day ahead! 
Don't forget to love yourself
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  1. I like that you have placed yourself at the top of the list. As for me, I just want to be extremely productive and do my best in everything that I venture into. All the best to the both of us!

  2. good luck achieving all of that... I want to be productive too and hopefully earn more/ get more paid projects and travel....

  3. Awh all the best Jess, can't believe its already Feb already - the time for 2017 seems to be flying by so fast. All the best in achieving your goals in the meantime, I am sure you will be able to hit your mark with flying colours <3

  4. I myself have lots of new year resolutions. Good luck for ur new year goals.

  5. Same goals for me, be productive for my blogs. Hope can at least three (3) posts per months.

  6. Congrats on what you have achieved girl. It is great to set small realistic goals every year.

  7. I love your resolution, yes, whatever we do, make sure to be happy and always love yourself. :)


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