5 Must Visit Places In Penang

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5 Must Visit Places In Penang
I realized that I rarely shared about my travels in Malaysia. We often glamorize about traveling overseas but really Malaysia have many hidden gems to enjoy. Plus when I was a college student living on a budget, I enjoyed the short random road trips I had with my friends. Here are a bunch of places I discovered when I was in Penang as a college student. PS. In case you're wondering why I look different here, I was 22 at that time. 

1. Chew Jetty
I am a city girl, so to be able to walk down a waterborne community is something mesmerizing. It's a place where you be able to enjoy the serene sea scene in the middle of the modern hustling busy city. Plus it's also a good place to take pictures. 

2. Armenien Street
It's a beautiful street that you can stroll along with your friends or family. At every corner you'll be able to spot the ever so famous Penang's Street Art. You can opt to cycle or walk to catch all of the artsy murals. Don't forget to stop by and grab some cendol and snack along the way from the friendly vendors by the street. What's better than a good bowl of cendol on a sunny day!

3. Penang Hill
This iconic hill of Penang, is often raved about and for good reasons. Even though it is a tourisy spot, but you have to visit it at least once. Because the view there of Penang is absolutely breathtaking. I can spend hours just watching Penang from above. I think my friends and I actually spent a couple hours there just enjoying the view and chating about the future. If you feel it's too crowded, walk away from the entrance of the hill top and you'll be able to find a quiet spot at a hut (pondok) to rest and enjoy the view. 

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4. Laksa, Ayer Itam Pasar
THIS PLACE is serves the best laksa! Well it is the best laksa to me. Love their shredded mackerel fish on the top of the bowl. Felt like they served generous amount of ingredients in a bowl. This place is along the Ayer Itam market. It's super near Kek Lok Si Temple if you're in the area.

5. Batu Feringghi Beach
After enjoying the heritage of Penang, you can also enjoy the scenic view of the ocean. My friends and I came here to enjoy the sunset. We also went a little crazy and did paragliding while we were there. Note to girls, TIE UP YOUR HAIR. I went with a friend and all he saw when we were paragliding was my hair in his face. Sorry Lawrence.

DISCLAIMER: These are places I personally went to and enjoyed. If you have any other places that you feel should be here, feel free to comment and share them :)

Have a great weekend guys!
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