I Gave My Sister A Fashion Makeover With Zarrel

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I Gave My Sister A Fashion Makeover With Zarrel
Girls, I don't know about you, but one of the most common question I ask myself everyday is, "what should I wear?". It usually takes me an hour or more to decide and most of the time I feel like my clothes are old season stuff. Also, I get bored of what I have and wish for the latest fashion. Anyone else faces these dilemmas too? 

My sister usually sticks to one style, which is edgy streetwear. Why? It's for her to reduce hassle and to make it easier to mix and match, making full use of what she already owns. She doesn't usually dress the trendiest or even try out new styles. But hey, recently I've got a chance to try out Zarrel online clothing store and I gave my sister a fashion makeover with Zarrel fashion pieces!

My sister before the fashion makeover

What is Zarrel?
Imagine having endless supply of clothing with one flat fee a month. That's Zarrel, your personal infinite closet. You can choose from tops, skirts, dresses, blazers, fancy attire for dinners or events. All on a constant rotation!

How it works?
1. Browse & Choose
You browse through their available pieces which are from collaborating with boutique fashion retailer such as Whitesoot, Sara Joe, VE Classic, Room 8008, Pinkals and etc. Also selecting up to 9 favaourites. Zarrel then delivers 3 pieces in a box to your doorstep. The other 6 chosen is interchangeable at any time!

2. Wear
Show of your new look and wear them as long as you want! Mix and match Zarrel pieces with what's in your own closet.

3. Return
Whenever you're ready, use the pre-pay bag provided and return the pieces. Zarrel will ship your next box of 3 pieces then. Yep, you don't have to do the cleaning!

With only RM199 per month, you get to choose lots of clothes. Image for each week you get three new pieces. This mean in a month you would have at least 12 different apparels!

FYI: Zarrel now offers RM88 for the first month for first time subscribers! You can only buy one dress with that amount. haha.

Additionally, shipping and professional cleaning are inclusive! Oh thank goodness for that. You need not worry about washing, or ironing. Zarrel hand washes or dry cleaned the apparels and properly steam-press them before delivering it to you.

Most of us worry that when we expect a delivery, we might not be home to collect it. Well, the best part is that subscribers can get and return their items via doorstep pre-paid mailing pack or through PostCo's location within Klang Valley! PostCo allows us to pick up our box and return the pack at physical locations at our own convenience. If only I can do this for my random other shipments.

I had 3 pieces from Zarrel. A demin pinafore, pink midi skirt and an off shoulder formal black dress. Had so much fun with my sister where she would try and give her best post for the camera. TBH it's my first time seeing my sister in such feminine style. When I showed the pictures to my parents, they couldn't recognize her.

Outfit 1: Date Night (Pink Midi Skirt)

Outfit 2: Fancy AF (Off Shoulder Black Dress)

Outfit 3: Casual Hangout Look (Denim Pinafore)

Ever since I've started working, there isn't much time to go to malls. More so to shop for clothes or physically trying out an outfit in a store. But with Zarrel online clothing store, on top of trying all the apparels I can get in comfort of home, I can wear the ones I love out!

Plus having an infinite closet gives me the chance to try out different styles. I love how Zarrel makes sure that their customers have the convenience of doorstep delivery and physical pick-up locations. It definitely saves time that everything can be done online.

I also received a vocher in my Zarrel box! Can't wait to try the spa out.

For more info, check out Zarrel website or facebook page!
Stay beautiful girls!
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