Audrey Cafe And Bistro | Must Visit Cafes In Bangkok

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Audrey Cafe And Bistro | Must Visit Cafes In Bangkok
Can't believe that it almost took me a month to write about the second cafe I visited in Bangkok. So if you're reading this for the first time, do note that I am currently in the midst of compiling all of the cafes I visited in Bangkok. Aside from checking out the ever so famous chatuchak weekend market or heading over to shop at the various malls, you gotta check out the cafes in Bangkok! They are gorgeous. All of them have a unique theme of their own.

Take this cafe for instant. Cafe #2, Audrey Cafe And Bistro which is just a few minutes walk away from After You Cafe (Cafe #1). Audrey Cafe And Bistro offers a vintage classy vibe. From the outside you would feel like you're slowly stepping into another realm.

You will first spot a willow tree with an Audrey Cafe sign board to lure you to the front of the cafe. To be honest, on the outside the cafe looks super old and I wasn't expecting much as it looks like an old rustic place that someone had forgotten. But the furniture on the outside looks super comfy and instagram worthy if you don't mind enduring the outdoor heat. They even have a rocking horse on the side as you're walking into the cafe.

The moment the doors open, I somehow imagined myself as Haruhi from Ouran High School Host. Dramatic as it sounds but it was a magical moment the moment I saw the inside of the cafe. Instantly I could see the marble tables, vintage chairs, cute tiny lamps, huge oval shaped windows, waitresses dressed in Victorian maid outfits and of course the giant bouquet of roses.

Victorian was the word. It was a mixture of new and old. I love how they use turquoise to pair with the white in the cafe. At the corner, there was a birthday party going on while beside me was just a couple of girls catching up with each other. While there was us being amazed at how beautiful Audrey Cafe And Bistro was.

It was lunch time for us and we were hungry but pacing ourselves as it was only the second cafe of the day. Kishya and Sharlene ordered the Spaghetti Dry Clam in Thai Chili Pasta & Basil while I had the Grilled Marinated Pork Thai Style Served with Sticky Rice.

While we wait for the food to arrive, I looked around the cafe and found that they do sell some 'merchandising'. Their flower pot dessert looked really 3D and you gotta check out their toilet! Its a sin if you go there but miss their toilet. Seriously. Feel like you could actually do a photoshoot in a the toilet if your theme is the vintage bathroom look.

Anyways I tried a bit of the spaghetti that the girls ordered. It was spicy. They both loved it and raved how good it was. To be honest the moment the dish came out, I was wondering if it was too little for them both. However after I have taken a few bites and they both did, there was still more in the plate. I guess the plate here is really big and you don't have to worry about the portion.

Spaghetti Dry Clam in Thai Chili Pasta & Basil | 170 THB

When mine came, it smelled divine. I love how it was a balanced meal with the meat, vegetables and rice. It's a perfect party/starter/finger food to have. But since we weren't sharing, it was quite filling. Needless to say, I actually didn't eat the rice because I was on my diet. I just had the meat and vegetables. THE PORK was super tender and marinated just nice. BEST PART WAS that there wasn't much fat in the meat and they gave a pretty thick sliced of the meat too! The rice is the exact rice you would get when you order mango sticky rice.

Grilled Marinated Pork Thai Style Served with Sticky Rice | 180 THB

In all fairness, I will rate the this place 4/5. They have everything from desserts, starters, mains, gorgeous photo ready background, comfy seats and affordable prices. We were actually planning to return for dinner but because of the rainy weather, we couldn't. So if you are in Bangkok, I hope you do visit this place. Do try the Crab Souffle Served with Lobster Brandy Sauce, a lot of people ordered that. I actually wanted to order it for dinner but you know... due to the weather. So you can imagine how much regret I got now for not trying that out.

I'm happy when I have food with me

Audrey Cafe And Bistro
Address: 3, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily 11 AM - 10 PM
Phone: +66 2 712 6667
FYI prices above exclude 7% Tax & 10% Service Charge

Happy Food Hunting!
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