I Decided To Freeze My Fat With CoolSculpting at Clique Clinic (Pt 1)

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I Decided To Freeze My Fat With CoolSculpting at Clique Clinic (Pt 1)
Yes, you read correctly. Hey guys, hope you’re doing well. Have you ever wanted to modify a specific part of your body? Like no matter what you do, with dieting or exercising, somehow, that stubborn part just won’t budge. For me, my main stubborn fats are my lower part of my tummy (abdomen) and my arms.

A few weeks ago, I had a change to visit Clique Clinic, which introduced me to CoolSculpting. Do know that this is NOT a weight loss program. What CoolSculpting is, like the title of my blog, is to freeze unwanted targeted fat away. So I made my way to Petaling Jaya where Clique Clinic is and met with The Body Contouring Specialist, Josh Chua.
During my consultation, he explained to me the benefit and side effects of CoolSculpting. He also warned me how there are some centres in Malaysia that offer the copycats of CoolSculpting that is not licensed or using the real machines from the CoolSculpting Brand. Copycat/fake machines will potentially cause serious harm to a person, like frostbite and burn that can be a long-term side effect. So, look for the certified Zeltiq CoolSculpting clinics if you are considering this treatment.
So let me break it down for you, from what I understand. CoolSculpting is a machine that is used to target a specific spot of your body. During the treatment, there would be a gel pad and applicator placed on the desired area. The applicator uses vacuum and delivers controlled cooling (-11c for CoolAdvantage applicators). After 35 minutes of a session, there would be a massage. During this process, he told me that there would be mild pain from the pinching, soreness and cold. He also told me that there might be bruising an d swollenness after the session. He also mentioned that it would take 1-3 months for the results to show.
Here is how the applicator looks like| I will blog about the process with results in my next post!

To be honest, I have actually been wanting so badly to fix up certain areas of my body, but I don’t believe in going under the knife or injections. So when I heard about this, I was thrilled because it was non-invasive!
After the consultation, they need to access my body to see if I was qualified to go through with the CoolSculpting procedure. Remember how I said that this isn’t a weight loss program? Well, you need to make sure that you have pinchable fat. So if you have a beer belly that you can’t pinch, do know that this procedure might not be the right one for you. So do know you can target under your chin, bra fat, back fat, abdomen, flank, banana roll (underneath the buttock), thigh, upper arms and etc.
There was a special room for me to get changed into for assessment

I was super impressed with their photobooth where they took before shoots of my body

They even had a template (with CoolSculpting snowflake logo in the middle) on the ground to position my feet so that they could grab a 360 shot

After the pictures, they would see which applicator could target the desired areas and also draw markers on my body to know which part to place the applicator on. Of course they also had to check if my fat were pinchable.

After 15minutes of marking me, here was the result.

Do know that I will release a post blogpost with more details of the procedure and also the results. Hope this post didn’t scare you too much. If you have any questions about CoolSculpting, do comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible J

Clique Clinic
4, Jalan 19/36, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7960 1211 | care@cliqueclinic.com
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Have a great day ahead!
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