The Air We Breathe

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The Air We Breathe

It’s amazing how fast that it is now, January 2022. So much happened in 2021 - Getting married, moving out, and getting the condominium that I bought 3 years ago. For those getting a new place, there are lots of planning and organizing involved. I still remember right after our honeymoon, Kean and I rushed over to the condo to monitor the installation of the appliances.

The workers were supposed to be there for a while but the work got dragged on until a full day's installation and a few of them were smoking during their break. Kean noticed this and made sure that the workers did not smoke in our unit as it was hard to breathe and told me that most smokers smoke because they are either stressed or addicted. It helps to relax and give them strength hence you can see lots of construction site workers smoking.  

It’s already 2022, not sure if everyone knows this but Smoking Tobacco causes health deterioration to smokers and those around them. Increases the risk of cancer, heart and blood diseases, affect sex life and reproductive system (ref 1)

I did a bit more digging and found that environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), also known as second-hand smoke, is a carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) that enters the air from the burning of tobacco products, such as cigarettes, and exhalation of smoke by smokers. (ref 2) Just because we aren’t smoking doesn’t mean we are safe. Even when standing close to a smoker, we are inhaling the same carcinogenic particles of smoke. It’s like getting punished for something that you didn’t do. Therefore, cigarette smoke is the primary cause of smoking-related disease, instead of nicotine, but this doesn’t mean that nicotine is risk-free.

Location: Sabah

By having such knowledge and understanding, some public health experts suggested that smokers who refuse to stop smoking should switch to smoke-free alternatives and products such as e-cigarettes (vape), heated tobacco products (HTPs), and nicotine patches.

At the end of the day, there are many choices available for us in life, and thanks to technological advancement, now we have smoke-free alternatives and products that can help smokers to reduce harm for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, if you are a smoker, maybe you should try to switch to a less harmful alternatives. 

Take care everyone and stay safe!



1. https://www.cancer.org/healthy/stay-away-from-tobacco/health-risks-of-tobacco/health-risks-of-smoking-tobacco.html

2. https://study.com/academy/lesson/smoking-effects-on-others-the-environment.html

3. https://tobaccofreeca.com/e-cigarettes/the-effects-of-nicotine-on-the-adolescent-brain/

Future Travel Plan: Singapore, Sentosa Island

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Future Travel Plan: Singapore, Sentosa Island

It's been 350 days since I have been working from home. Literally, my best colleague now is my ceiling fan and my everyday view is my living room. Can't believe that a year flew by so quickly due to this pandemic lockdown.

I don't know how I manage to stay sane for so long. But in all honesty I can't wait for THIS to be over and to be able to just go out into the world and travel like we used to. I miss planning for a getaway, getting foreign currency from the money changer, budgeting, choosing which place to visit, going to an airport, sitting on the plane and immersing myself with the beauty of my destination.

I still have 7 months and 20 days left to my wedding date. We haven't chose a honeymoon destination yet. There's just too many to go to. I was just thinking, instead of going far away when the boarders are open to travel, why not go somewhere close by?

I guess, the inner planner in me is just ready to head over to some place different, and I thought why not do a list of places I wanna visit for each country? It can be my future travel plan guide for future Jess. So far, I've been to Singapore twice but didn't get a chance to explore Sentosa Island. Here's a to-do list of what I would do if I have 2 days in Singapore Sentosa.

Day 1

1. Universal Studios

I've been to the one in Japan but haven't check out Singapore's one. Plus I'm curious to check out the Minion attraction there. The last rollercoaster ride I sat on was back in 2018. Obviously, that would be a full day activity.

Photo Credit: Resorts World Sentosa

2. S.E.A Aquarium

Mesmerizing. I've seen this place over and over again in my Insta feed and I just can't wait to see it with my own eyes. I bet I will be singing under the sea once I step into the Aquarium. 

Photo Credits: Resorts World Sentosa Facebook Page

3. Ocean Restaurant 

After sightseeing at the aquarium, it's time for dinner! One of my friend recently celebrated her wedding anniversary there and didn't know there was a restaurant like that until she posted it on Instagram. Would love to dine there with my fiancé one day. Such a romantic setting.

Photo Credits: DancingBacons

Day 2

1. Fort Siloso Skywalk

Good place to head to in the morning to enjoy the view. Fort Siloso Skywalk is 43 metres tall tower and have a viewing platform section which is glass bottom.

Photo Credits: Sentosa

2. Siloso Beach

Since it's near the first destination, might as well enjoy the sand and grab lunch there. This beach is quite happening and there are quite a few bar and restaurant around. If you are looking for a family beach setting, do check out Palawan Beach.

Photo Credits: Rumours Beach Club

3. Quayside Isle

Wind down with a chill afternoon enjoying your coffee or tea at one of many Quayside Isle restaurants. When you're here it feels like you been transported to Europe. Lots of cafes and fancy restaurant to explore.

    Sabio by the Sea Facebook

While reading about all these places, it feels like I'm already there. Can't wait to actually travel there with my love ones. All that is missing from this post is which hotel to stay in when I'm in Singapore. I'll leave it to my fiancé to choose which Sentosa Hotel we'll stay in. 

Hope this helps who ever that is planning to have staycation Singapore

Stay Safe & Take Care!


#DudukRumah Shopping with PG MALL

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#DudukRumah Shopping with PG MALL
Guys, its almost been a month since this MCO has got us cooped up at home. How are you guys holding up? Hope that it’s better than mine. My whole family has been working from our very own living room with our monitors at each corner. I even had to use my TV as my second monitor to make working from home easier.

You know, with this restriction, there are tons of deals and sales still happening. Of course, all of us shouldn’t go out shopping unless for groceries but if you need to grab some items for your WFH situation or either wanna prepare yourself to level up in the kitchen, you can check out PG Mall at https://pgmall.my/.

Just in case you don’t know what PG Mall is, its our Malaysian e-commerce platform. We can get clothes, groceries, home appliances to tech stuff. Plus there are so many deals now for new users. They also have Hot Day Sale - discount up to 80% (3 slot per day 10am, 4pm, 9pm), especially for their MyRaya campaign.

Details on MyRamadhan Campaign 17/4/2020 - 3/5/2020:

· New shoppers get RM15 off total bill (min spend RM50) -Limit first 1000 redemption (2x per shopper)

· Existing shopper get RM5 off total bill (Min spend RM30) - Limit first 1000 redemption (no limit per shopper within MyRamadhanVoucher Campaign) or RM25 off total bill (Min spend RM150) - Limit first 200 redemption (1x per shopper)

More cashback available when you use ewallets!

Maybank QRPay

You can get up to 10% cashback (capped at RM10) with a minimum spend of RM30 via Maybank QRPay or MAE. (2x usage per month). Promotion valid until 20th April 2020

Boost Rakyat Cashback Campaign!

You can get 15% cashback with NO min. spend, capped at RM10 when make purchase and pay with Boost! Promotion valid until 19th of April 2020

While shopping in PG Mall you can also collect Big Points Loyalty from Air Asia Big. Don’t forget to collect points at check out time to enjoy Bonus Big Points up to 50%!!

You also stand a chance to get lucky with Love you 3000 Campaign (Lucky Draw bi-weekly) 

With every purchase of RM30 and above stand a chance for lucky draw to walk away PG Mall c-wallet worth RM3000!! Easy right? Just by simply purchase anything on PG Mall, you will entitle to join the Love You 3,000 lucky draw! The winner will be announced every 15th and 31st of every month! Worth to shop!!!
Are you always the one in your group of friends/family that shares sales and deals? Well, PG Mall rewards refers and you can get Forever CashBack up to 3.5%. Simply start shopping and refering people to enjoy this unique Shop-Share-Earn concept by gaining forever cash back up to 3.5%

What will you guys get during this sale? Comment below and let me know!

Stay safe and take care in the meantime.
Will be blogging more often now.

I Froze My Fat and the Results | CoolScuplting at Clique Clinic (Pt 2)

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I Froze My Fat and the Results | CoolScuplting at Clique Clinic (Pt 2)

Couple months ago, I announced that I was freezing my fat (Check out the first post here). So, here is the low down on how my fat was frozen and the outcome. First let me explain, CoolSculpting Treatment at Clique Clinic was where I went to freeze my fat. Why freeze fat? Ever got a place or a bulge of your body part that you can’t seem to lose weight on? For me, it was the lower part of my tummy (Abdomen). 

So I did explain the pre consultation details at the previous blogpost. Go read there if you would like to know how would they examine you. So for mine, the CoolSculpting treatment focused on my tummy. I didn’t want to drag it, so I actually requested to do all of the treatment in a day instead of spreading it out. In total I think, I spent 6 hours at Clique Clinic. Don’t worry, Clique Clinic is equipped with Netflix, fast wifi, private room and ensuite bathroom during the treatment and also a comfortable reclining sofa. 

I reached Clique Clinic at 10:30am. The staff brought me upstairs to my room and I got a change of clothes. They then proceed to draw the markings on my tummy to indicate where to place the CoolSculpting applicators at. As you can see from the picture above, there was a lot of sessions I went through. Each session was around 35 minutes. To make it quicker, they used 3 machines simultaneously on me to make sure that they had targeted the fats surrounding my tummy in the shortest treatment time possible. 
The reason why I went for CoolSculpting, is because it is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment on targeted areas. It helps to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat without any surgery. Freezing the fat causes the body to remove the dead cells, which later naturally eliminate from your body. There are multiple applicators with different sizes to target the wanted area of the body. 
I think the clinic used all the different types of applicator on me. Applicator like CoolAdvantage Petite is used for flanks, inner thighs, or upper arms, while CoolCore Advantage is mainly for the bigger areas like tummy. FYI Clique Clinics is the only clinic in Malaysia that has a full-range and complete set of all CoolAdvantage applicators. The picture above is the applicator attached to my tummy. 
My personalized treatment plans 

During the process, the CoolSculpting specialist placed the applicators at the treatment areas where the fat bulges were tugged in, and then frozen. After 35 minutes, the staff immediately removed the applicators and massaged the treatment areas. Let me tell you, you might feel a bit of pain during this process. Reason for the massage is to make sure that your fat is broken down even more after the 35 minutes of freezing. My treatment areas were a bit swollen and sore after the treatments since I did everything in a day. But it didn’t affect my daily activities as I went back to work the next day itself.

During the treatment I was pampered with Netflix and a complimentary meal. 
After 3 months, I went back for a follow up and below are the before and after shots: 
My waist got smaller, the abdomen got smaller too and I got less back fat now. 
Before shot with the team (After my treatment) 
After 3 months – Follow up session with the team 

I’m really glad that I got a chance to experience CoolSculpting Treatment as my lower tummy had always been a problem and it was hard to lose it. Just know that the results might take from 1 to 3 months to show. Make sure not to over eat after your treatment and just do you normal routine. Overall this experience made me feel comfortable as the staff were friendly and explained all of my concerns and inquiries. Clique Clinic now have two branches! 

Clique Clinic PJ 
4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia. 012-230 7960 

Clique Clinic Bangsar 
6th floor, Boutique Office 3A-06-01, Menara 3A, 3, 
KL Eco City, Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 012-798 0879

Opening hours 10am to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays 
Closed on public holidays 

For more info about CoolSculpting treatment, head over to Clique Clinic 

My Haul from Innisfree My Foundation Moving Bank

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My Haul from Innisfree My Foundation Moving Bank
It's been a while since I last wrote in, hope all of you are doing great. It's been a rainy couple of days, don't forget to keep warm. Last night I was checking out stuff I missed out from Instagram and my friend Bella was sharing about an Innisfree event at Sunway Pyramid Mall promoting their new foundation product.

I thought why not check it out after work since I was free. The event, Innisfree My Foundation Moving Bank is located at Sunway Pyramid main entrance. When enter the trailer it was super cute. It was like a mini bank concept in the trailer. Get this, Innisfree created this 'bank' concept where you would need to create an account and play activities to earn inni-dollar (inf) to redeem stuff.''

First you need to create an account at bit.ly/Earninnidollars . It's super fast and easy. Just create an account and play a few games and get your first 500 inf. 

Here's my 500  inni-dollars (inf) and bank account book. Looks legit right?

The next part would be finding your perfect fit. The Innisfree My Foundation have matte (1), semi-matte (2) and glow series (3). After choosing which series you want, then you would need to pick what coverage you like, the selections are from natural (1), medium (3) and full coverage (5). I got 2.3 for My Foundation which is Semi-Matte with Medium Coverage.

Innisfree My Foundation | Price: RM 97

Original price of the Innisfree My Foundation is RM 97. There was a RM 10 voucher given for My Foundation if you are participating in the activity. So I only paid RM 87. Best part is, you get extra 700 inf after purchasing the foundation! One coin was missing from the picture.

Here is the best news of all, because I had so many inni-dollars, I got to redeem a brush set!

The brush set is 1100 inni-dollars (which is 11 coins). 
Such a steal! Buy one foundation and get a free brush set!

Other physical games at the trailer where you can win some Innisfree samples

They also had a lucky draw 'Vault' where at a special time of the time, it will be available for those who made purchases. Apparently the prizes are worth RM 200. When I was there, the next vault opening time was after 1 hours and half. Since it was too long, I just left. If it was a trip to Korea, then maybe I would have waited. haha.

How the trailer looked on the outside. Very Gatsby feel.

So here is my entire haul

I really think that the brush set was the best part of today's purchase. I can't wait to try on Innisfree My Foundation. The texture was very light and watery. Apparent the base is from green tea, so the smell was actually quite nice. I better start wearing make up more often now since I got better tools. haha.

This event will still be available at Sunway Pyramid Mall main entrance tomorrow. Don't miss out on getting a free brush set with purchasing Innisfree My Foundation!

Here are the other locations this event will be at:
24th - 25th September : Taylor's Lakeside Campus
27th - 28th September: Gurney Plaza Penang
29th - 30th September: Queensbay Mall Penang

Have a great weekend everyone!
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)