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Feeling the weight of all of the subjects on my shoulders and arms now. Gosh, I need to stop bringing so much stuff to uni. At one look, I feel like an aunty with lots of stuff. Haihs.

Another one.

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OHMYGOSH. Actually I wasn't expecting anything good to happen today. Was extremely tired since I slept at 2am++ last night... Is it just me or does it feels like we are getting less hours a day? Guess that is just how it is when classes start again. This week is Club Society week and seriously, for the first time in 2 years, Psychology Club Booth is PLACED outside of SSD (in cafeteria). It was TORTURE. PURE TORTURE. Could feel my clothes getting soaked in my sweat. I wish they install more fans around there.

Here is Kath and I sweating away at the booth.
Note the nail polish there ;)

Don't watch this if you believe love at first sight

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Continue reading after watching the video!
I don't want to spoil it for you all ;)


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Just like the title, that was pretty much how my day was. 
There is actually a lot of things that I should complete before the weekend, 
but somehow, end up lazing around. 

The Wait

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Class is starting in 5 days and results are still not out yet! Is Sunway trying test our patience? Honestly, how can we have enough time emotionally accept our results on Friday when class is on Monday? Feel like I might be having a mental breakdown soon. I bet no one would be sleeping on Thursday night. Everyone might just be too eager/anxious for the results on Friday morning. Since Sunway claimed to be the NUMBER #1 University in Malaysia, they ought to have better IT department. Everyone else in Lancaster got their results posted except for the Psychology Department. Just thinking about it makes my hair stands.

Apparently, Sunway University now got a new Mascot, 
Samson the Sun Bear.
It kinda reminds me of the A&W Bear ;)

Relaxing Tuesday

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              Since the Fright Night post, my blog views of 350 jumped to 684 in a day. To all those that was worry and asked how am I, thank you :) Wasn't expecting so many people to react to it. It was a good reminder for me that where ever we are, we ought to be aware of our well being. Anyways, on to today's post :)

              Slept quite late last night, like seriously late. Some may say that is the time where most get up for school. Oh wells, was trying to finish off my Korean drama, I hear your voice, and I did! :D Best series I seen so far. Not to draggy and superb acting from the cast <3 I actually found myself loving the lead male character SooHa and the female character Do Yeon. To those who are looking for a new series to watch, I highly recommend this drama! The series have a mix of courtroom drama and romance comedy with a dash of fantasy element. I shall not say more, don't want to spoil the show for you all. Watch and be amaze! I watched it because of all the good reviews I heard from my friends without reading the plot of the show and boy, was I blown away.

The Main Cast of I Hear Your Voice

Worst day of my life: Fright Night

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 Alrights, I don't know how to start this. I just got back from IOI Mall and after what happened just now, I will NEVER EVER RETURN there alone. Seriously, it was the scariest moment of my life. Ok, let me start from the beginning.

Dad wanted to go to IOI Mall because he wanted to compare cupboard prices for his workplace. It was 8pm when he wanted to go out, I notice that it was dark and didn't want him to drive alone because of his poor night visions. So, I offer to follow him along to be his drive and because one of my relative works at IOI and I wanted to return something to her. So off we went, I dressed in a rush because he was rushing me, so it was just a checker top with a skirt on. After reaching, we were at the new wing, he told me that he is heading to AEON for the cupboards and I told him I would be at my relative's office. We agree to meet back at AEON's furniture section (first floor).
After dropping off the stuff at my relative's office, which is at the second floor, I head over to AEON. Since it was the second floor, it was the women's department at AEON, I took an escalator down to find my dad. While on the escalator, I heard someone calling me from behind, 'HEY, hey you, hey'. I didn't think it's me because I don't usually know anyone at IOI. Then the person called again, 'Hey! I said hey', so I turned. When I turned back I saw an African Man with glasses and green blazer on and a few shopping bags on his hands. I thought he was going to ask for direction because he looked relieved when I turned back and looked at him. FYI he was about 5 behind me on the escalator. So I replied him, 'yes?' Right after I replied him, he walked all the way to where I was standing, he smiled and said, 'can we chat?' When he replied that, I felt that something was off and said, 'erm, sorry but no,' and I walked away.

Missed Calls

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Oh boy. Sally oh my Sally. 
Is his approval that important to you?

Trust, hard to come by eh?
Well I guess loyalty might be same for thou.

What ever reason it may be for you to conclude in that manner. Don't put it as you losing your trust in a person. But rather think of how you could have view it more maturely. You knew that I would do something after hearing it. Since when do I leave things alone? You know me, you knew that I would clarify things if it's needed. Nothing against you but I didn't want a wildfire to spread. I did cover as much as I could. I still stood for you through out the entire time. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I am really thankful for everything that you did but I don't see a point or understand how after everything, I am the villain for confronting my issue. If it was you in my shoes what would you have done? Anyways everything is already said and done. I still value you as more than a friend. I guess, it was just too much for you to bear or understand.

I am sorry how you were stuck in between of us. I hope you won't have to go through it again. Honestly, I am still shock and I can't help to feel a knife through my heart. I always thought that you would have my back if anything were to happen. In the end, I wonder if you would still be there.

Only one life.

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        Gosh it's been a while since I blog. Somehow it's hard to manage a blog without giving it a momentary silence. Well, since I got free time and I am waiting for my drama to load, why not blog? Hahaha.
         Recently, because of my dramas especially I Hear Your Voice (fyi not a horror drama) and Suits I haven't been having a consistent sleeping hour. Because of assignments and exams, I missed out on a LOT of good dramas and finally now that it's the FIRST semester break that I ain't working, I'm trying to make full use of my holidays by finishing everything before I am back to uni again. So most of the time I sleep at 5am and wake up at 1pm. I know, my bio-clock is completely messed up now. I didn't think much of it until a few nights ago. Been having headaches for the pass 3 days and it could have been me sticking to the computer most of the time, but suddenly at 4am I thought to myself what if this could be my last night? What if I would never wake up from my sleep again? Sleep is important. Heck, i even did a presentation of how lack of sleep could KILL A PERSON. 


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Humans are probably one of the most complicated beings ever created. Honestly why are some of us so difficult to each other? Do difficult people enjoy tormenting others with their difficult nature? Sometimes is caring about them even worth it all? Is it all worth it?

Recently my mobile phone's motherboard crashed and the phone shop said that its spoil beyond repair and it's better to get a new phone instead of repairing the motherboard that would cost RM550-RM600. When I thought about it, yeah its not worth the price to pay to fix my phone of 2 years. Maybe its the same as friendship. Ever felt like you are in a friendship/relationship that always need you to fix every tiny fights you have? Ask yourself if you are stuck in that friendship,  is it worth it? Is the cost of fixing that friendship of yours worth it? Are you ready to pay that heap amount of cost and spend time mending all the problems?

One thing I learn so far is that, all of us have our plus and minus points. Sometimes, we gotta understand that we all are different and the way we all communicate is different. I am not saying that when ever a fight occurs in your friendship you should just give up, but reflect and evaluate your friendship with that person. Is it a two way process where you two are encouraging and building each other or are you two just watching each other bleed to death?

더 이상 없음

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'Love and compassion are necessities, nit luxuries. 
Without them humanity cannot survive.' 
Dalai Lama

Is it the end?

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         Called Sunway University for the 4th time and ask them about the exchange program. The one in charge of the program, said that He until now have not receive any news about the program from Silla University (the exact same thing he said to me since the first call). Seriously. Is he doing his job or what? I got so frustrated because it seems like he didn't try any harder than to email Silla, I mean if this is the program that you are in charge of, shouldn't you just add more dedication? I wonder what the the other 2 applicants are doing. I wonder if they are as anxious as me. 

         So anyways, after the call with sunway, I email Silla University about the program. AND GUESS WHAT? They actually replied me!!! If sunway actually follow up with them with another email or actually CALLED them, I bet he would have known the situation there. If I as a student can do this, what more a university staff?

            In the email, Mr Yun from Silla said that there won't be any open intake for this month or next but only in NOVEMBER. SKJDDKDKD. Just shoot me now. Been waiting since last year to take part in this program but because of already settling my new textbooks and paying my uni fees, I thought it was a little to short of time to go. Haihs, the previous batch that just came back from the exchange is to blame. Sunway said that it was because of them that Silla is reluctant to accept anyone from Sunway University again. If you knew that the program is a one year exchange, why oh why did some of you return in 3 months or 11 months? You all knew the requirement of working at the cafe and the hours you ought to stay there until. Because of the 3, batch 2012, Silla actually wanted to cancel the entire program. Guess postponing it and cancelling it is almost the same. Been praying so much for this and because of the mistakes of others, the rest gotta pay for them. I hope that they know the consequences their actions brought them.

Guess all there is to do is to move on and pray for another opportunity to fly to me.

The email that Silla replied

Different people, same colour of blood.

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What rights do you have to dismiss everything that he has done?
To just say that all of his success came from another?
That he does not deserve to be where he is now?
To even call him stupid and retarded?
Do you hear yourself?

I knew that you were outspoken but this is too much.
Plus, you don't even know him.
You may think you know his attitude and his story,
but seriously?

Saturdays are truly the best (Part 2)

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Went over to Permai Golf and Country Club House (Kota Kemuning)
for a birthday/wedding anniversary.
It was one of mummy's church member and was really honour that
 they invited our entire family to celebrate their big day with them.

We actually didn't know that it would be at a club house.
Mummy read the invitation wrongly and thought that it would be at their house instead.
HAHA. Thank god we came in smart casual.
Or else we would be have been walking on the hall of shame.
Lots of the guest came in gowns and tiaras.
Didn't actually know what a big event it was until I saw the club house
and the banquet hall.

Saturdays are truly the best (Part 1)

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Watched Wolverine with Elena today. 
Truly a blissful morning.

Had a funny weird encounter with the guards before picking up Elena.

Guard: EH! Are you the same girl from last time who always come 
here and pick up a chinese girl.

Me: Yes?

Guard: Mengapa muka dah tak sama?
(Why is it that you don't look the same?)

Me: Haha. Muka sama lah, tapi kereta bukan sama.
(Haha. I still have the same face but the car is different)

Guard: Tak la. Muka kau tak sama dengan dulu. Dah kahwin ah?
(No la. Your face ain't the same as before. Have you got married?)

Me: *shocked by the question* EHH? BELUM LA. *Instantly reply*
(Ehh? Haven't yet.)

Guard: OHH. Bagus! *Turns to the other guard* Eh ada chance!
(Ohh, thats good. Eh there is chance)

After that, he finally lift the pole for me to leave. Funny guards.

Are you AWSM?

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My shirt is finally here!
So happy when The Ming Thing, said that they are selling t-shirts!
I just love them.
Their videos and sound track! 
Gosh I hope there is a second webseries coming up.

Everyone say happy birthday to Jacquelyn! :D

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Its Jacq's birthday! :D

Anyways, today was a pretty boring day actually.
Slept in the whole morning,
then got up at 12.45pm to bake the LASAGNA.

Its ALREADY August!

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Can't believe that there is only 4 more months to go until 2014. 
Time really pass so fast.
A side from that, I finally quit my job!
Been very tired of working lately and being back from Sarawak 
just made me feel like a sloth to get back to work.
So yesterday I told my boss about my resignation and I will be getting my pay check soon!

Oh my free Wolverine movie tickets came in the mail today.
Thank YOU GALAXIE Magzine.

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