Worst day of my life: Fright Night

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 Alrights, I don't know how to start this. I just got back from IOI Mall and after what happened just now, I will NEVER EVER RETURN there alone. Seriously, it was the scariest moment of my life. Ok, let me start from the beginning.

Dad wanted to go to IOI Mall because he wanted to compare cupboard prices for his workplace. It was 8pm when he wanted to go out, I notice that it was dark and didn't want him to drive alone because of his poor night visions. So, I offer to follow him along to be his drive and because one of my relative works at IOI and I wanted to return something to her. So off we went, I dressed in a rush because he was rushing me, so it was just a checker top with a skirt on. After reaching, we were at the new wing, he told me that he is heading to AEON for the cupboards and I told him I would be at my relative's office. We agree to meet back at AEON's furniture section (first floor).
After dropping off the stuff at my relative's office, which is at the second floor, I head over to AEON. Since it was the second floor, it was the women's department at AEON, I took an escalator down to find my dad. While on the escalator, I heard someone calling me from behind, 'HEY, hey you, hey'. I didn't think it's me because I don't usually know anyone at IOI. Then the person called again, 'Hey! I said hey', so I turned. When I turned back I saw an African Man with glasses and green blazer on and a few shopping bags on his hands. I thought he was going to ask for direction because he looked relieved when I turned back and looked at him. FYI he was about 5 behind me on the escalator. So I replied him, 'yes?' Right after I replied him, he walked all the way to where I was standing, he smiled and said, 'can we chat?' When he replied that, I felt that something was off and said, 'erm, sorry but no,' and I walked away.

I walking into the first floor stationary section thinking that he did that as a joke and left but suddenly I heard his voice behind me again. 'HEY! I am not done talking! I wanna chat with you.' At this point I was feeling annoyed, thinking don't you get the hint that I am not interested? Then I think to myself, okay maybe he wants me to do his college survey or he is one of the gospel sharing Christians, so I said 'about what? I am actually looking for my friend.' He comes closer and I feel trapped. If you all know IOI, its empty most of the time and where we were there were about 5 people at the area only. I started to get a little panic like why is he still here? So anyways he answered, 'I just want know you and maybe we can be friends. Do you believe in two people meeting? Do you believe in fate? I don't normally go up to people and as you can see, (lifted his shopping bags) I am about to go home after my shopping but I saw you and I want to talk to you. Maybe next time we can go out?' In my head, I was thinking WHAT THE CRAP? So I cut him of and say, 'I am sorry but no, I don't believe in talking to strangers and as I was saying I am looking for my friend. So excuse me, I hope you have a good day ahead.' I started to walk away and went to another section as fast as possible.
I was at the kitchen section when suddenly I heard again, HEY I JUST WANT TO CHAT. I am ABOUT to go home and I thought maybe we can continue this online. Maybe we can chat again if you don't mind. I cut him and say 'WELL, I do mind, I really do not want to speak to you. I am still looking for my friend. So please don't follow me.' Right after that I went over to the AEON food court and asked the lady working there where is the furniture section? She told me to walked straight ahead. As I was walking there I tweeted. When I reached the furniture section, desperately trying to find my dad. I suddenly heard a voice behind me saying, 'YOU KNOW I AM STILL FOLLOWING YOU. I just want to talk and be your friend. 'At that moment I was seriously scare, and the best method I could think of was to tell him that my friend was my dad, I hoped that when I said that, he would backed off since its a dad. Usually most guys would, but not him. He took a step closer. 'REALLY? you looking for your dad?' That's when i tweeted 'He is still here. Shit.' I was about to call my dad but he was still there and coming closer. I was like, 'yeah my dad is somewhere here so please, don't follow me.' He took it as a bluff and came nearer. I really freaked out because there was NO ONE at where we were, which was the furniture section. Suddenly I heard my dad's voice talking about the prices of a cupboard. I ran toward him and I could notice the guy was still following me behind. I talked to my dad but he ignore me and went away with the AEON staff. Then I turn behind and notice the African dude smirking, as though he thinks I am playing hard to get with him. UGH. I never felt so helpless and afraid before. I went back to my dad and got his attention. I told him about the guy. As I was telling my dad, I notice that the green blazer guy was talking to another African dude and they both looked back at me. I told my dad that they were two of them now. As we walked out of AEON together, The green blazer guy was still tailing us. Out of surprise, I got a call from Nick. Telling me to walk away from him, as if i didnt try that. I didn't want to talk long on the phone because I want to be on guard and not to be sneak up again from the green blazer guy. I never once left my dad side. After AEON, we passed about 10 shops, daddy turned to me and said, ' eh the guy is still following us on the other side'. I was surprise! I thought, GOSH, what a loser, don't you understand NO? We stop at one of the small stalls because daddy was interested in their items. Then we kept walking on, from AEON (Old Wing), we went over to the new wing. We went into MR.DIY and Daiso. Dad was chilling the whole time, he was at his happiest state because all we did was look at his items and inquire of the prices of them. Anyways thank god for Dad la. Honestly, if I was alone I don't know what to do, especially when he cornered me at the furniture department.

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WATCH OVER ME APP might be useful for this crazy city of ours.

To ALL GIRLS out there, be aware of your surroundings. I found it weird when suddenly he got a friend following us too. You can never know what could have happen. IF YOU ARE ALONE, and you notice someone following you. Go to a store and tell their store manager and wait until they leave. Maybe that is what I should have done. If only AEON wasn't so deserted. PHEW. It might take me awhile to enter a mall alone. To all those who reply my tweets and called me. THANK YOU <3 I hope none of this ever happen to you all. This is my 4th time encountering this, and gosh do they get more aggressive. BE SAFE YEAH YOU ALL.

The tweets that I sent out that night

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Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)