It just keep getting worst.

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Somehow or another this is not my week.

Oh wells now I know what my thesis topic would be based on.

Despite everything, hope that it won't suck.

Torn between the two

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Gosh, its that time of year again. Berjaya Youth have just uploaded top 10 videos to their annual favorite video competition! Lots of great talents as always. I wonder who would win this year!

Sunday at it's best

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Sundays. Seriously, there should be a TGIS for Sundays. They are like the best day of the week. So many good things always happen on that day :) First, its the day where I get to see everyone at church and well somehow or another, there is always an event to go to after church. So for last Sunday, Summer Splash was the event of the event of the week.

But before I go there, guess who I MET AT CHURCH last Sunday?! No, its not a celebrity but one of the VIPS in my life. It was JOHANNA! Due to some circumstances, she came back to Malaysia for the weekend. Had the shock of my life when I saw her, thought that I was dreaming or sleep walking. haha. Had to hit her physically to check if it was her. But yeah, what a coincidence since I was actually missing her during children church and to see her at the service was so surreal! :D Wouldn't have been so shock if she would have told us she was coming but then again, it was a good surprise :)

Tipping Point

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Just got back from the baby shower and boy am I tired. I am not even kidding here. Lifting my hands or just getting up from where I am now seems unbearable. I don't know why but my entire body feels like its shutting down on me. Feeling like this and seeing my schedule for the week, I am not sure if I can actually survive it all. For just an idea of how my week is, here is my events for the week:

United we stand, Divided we fall

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"People are you coming with me?"

It's a beautiful day. Lots have happen today but one thing is for certain that I can't stop but to reflect on the past events. So many plans and so many inspiring events that appeared on my mind but I can't help to wonder, can I do it all? Honestly I don't understand why is there so many restrictions to start something new. Don't tell me it's the lack of money factor or that it can't be done. We won't know what can or can't be done unless we try it ourselves. How would you know how many cars would honk you today if you won't even dare to drive? Honestly I wish all of us got courage to make a difference. We always talked about what we lack, how things could have been better if it was done that way or this would be good for the people. Whats the point of talking if in the end there is nothing done? It's time to walk the talk. And it's gonna be starting from this day on.

Can't believe that I would be passing away free tickets to a free movie screening 
by TGV Cinemas D:

Oh wells, promises are meant to be kept and not adjustable as we like

Digging Deep

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do NOT continue reading this if you are not open to reading about Christianity
I do not want to offend you. Just warning you first :)

This is an overdue post, so bear with me :)

LAST WEDNESDAY :  The King of Fruits

Oh wednesdays, how I am slowly looking forward to it. Never knew that Sunway Cell could have such an impact on me. Slowly bit by bit, everyone sort of seem like family now. We get to worship together, discuss about a topic and actually get to debate about it if there is a point, ask questions if we don't understand, encourage one another, care for one another, worry about one another and in the end, we have our meal after the entire cell. It's one of the best place where I can say that I am growing spiritually, besides camp and all, regular cell group is what we all need to just come together and recharge ourselves. 

Keep the love ones the closest

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I can't believe that a week passed by so fast since my last blog post. It just rained away. Feeling very tired lately, not sure if its because of the constant university work load or the rain calling me back to bed. Where do I start? So many events, so little time.

I got to visit PWC company with LEAP, its a university leadership program. It was surprisingly a wonderful trip there and well, I would recommend any accountants/HR/IT/engineering people to work there. Would blog about it soon, along with the pictures I took at the company. Seriously the work environment is to DIE FOR. Everything at the company just looked so pretty :)

Here is just a corner of PWC's guest lounge

Stay tune for the entire post of PWC if you are interested.

Acoustic is the way to go.

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Just got back from a music performance. Oh gosh all of the bands/singers were really so GOOD, I really do hope there are more of these music performances that people would invite me too. Honestly I wasn't expecting anything much, since I don't even know who the main act was. Mainly was there to support SKYWARD, but boy did the other two blew me away. Half way during An Honest Mistake (AHM) 's performance, I was thinking to myself, how could I not have heard of them. They were really awesome, their energy, their musical accuracy, their lyrics, etc. They were just amazing, would have bought their album too if only I brought enough money. Oh wells, some other day. Really loved their acoustic showcase. So glad my friend told me about it.  

Their promo poster of the night.

Self Destruction vs Self Evaluation

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OMG, being a 3rd year university student is not easy, especially in a psychology major. Serious, how does everyone cope with all the pressure of handling group work assignments while writing their thesis, resume for internship and reading the crazy amount of journals for both tutorial and assignments. I feel like I might be getting white hair soon with all the stress I am feeling. Kinda wish I was in korea now. It should be autumn now. Oh gosh, I would trade korea with rainy Subang any day. 
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