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Sundays. Seriously, there should be a TGIS for Sundays. They are like the best day of the week. So many good things always happen on that day :) First, its the day where I get to see everyone at church and well somehow or another, there is always an event to go to after church. So for last Sunday, Summer Splash was the event of the event of the week.

But before I go there, guess who I MET AT CHURCH last Sunday?! No, its not a celebrity but one of the VIPS in my life. It was JOHANNA! Due to some circumstances, she came back to Malaysia for the weekend. Had the shock of my life when I saw her, thought that I was dreaming or sleep walking. haha. Had to hit her physically to check if it was her. But yeah, what a coincidence since I was actually missing her during children church and to see her at the service was so surreal! :D Wouldn't have been so shock if she would have told us she was coming but then again, it was a good surprise :)

One without Joy because we just couldn't wait.

And of course all of us before Jan and Jo leaves again.

Almost forgotten to give out all of the Seventeen Summer Splash Tickets I got from the organizers but thankfully by Saturday its all given out. Was really glad that Seventeen brought back their summer splash event. Though it wasn't as hyped up as previous summer splash, at least it was not crowded and there were free entry to the water theme park! I think the last time I actually went to a water theme park was went I was 10? or was it 12? I just remember that it was a Sunday School Class Outing. Back then everyone looked so awkward in their swimming suits and trunks. heh. There were a few pictures that I took during the Summer Splash event before my battery die on me and the rest were from Rhys' camera.

Source: Seventeen FB Page

Hopefully those that I gave the tickets to went for the event. Saw a few familiar faces at the Water Theme Park enjoying themselves and cheering on to their friends that were running for the 17 HUNK SEARCH. Actually after being inside of I-City water theme park, I can't understand how anyone would want to pay to enter there. They had about 5 rides and only one was worth going again and again. Might not go back to there unless there is another free event like this happening again. The distance is just too far for me and well the parking cost me a bomb, RM8 for 4 hours D':

Here's the ONE ride that I enjoyed the most, sat on it for 3 times! They called it the TORNADO!

Source: i-city.my

One thing good about this ride was that there wasn't any line to wait.
So once we got our tube we had to CLIMB all the way to the top
Felt like I did my a week worth of workout climbing and carrying the tube up.
Screamed so much went we were sliding down.
But it was worth it la :D

Operation Hours:
(Weekdays): 11am-7pm
(Weekend): 10am - 7pm

Source: http://i-city.my/overview/i-ticket

Entry Price:
Day (Adults) : RM 15 (Mon-Thurs) RM10 (Fri) RM 19 (Sat-Sun)

It's weird how they don't have a fix price for their online ticket purchasing, anyways here is the link for more info : http://iticket.i-city.my/DayPassTicket.aspx

Actually, water park is a good place to relax with the family especially if you have kids aged 13 and below. Its very children friendly, maybe that's why I couldn't really enjoy the other rides, it wasn't going fast enough. They have a Wave-Pool, Water Play Ground, and lots more kiddy rides.

Here's the Wave Pool.
Source: Seventeen FB Page 

Floating Lane

Water Playground

Overview of the entire water park
Source: I-city.my

Besides the enjoying the water park, the main purpose of the event was to crown 17's HUNK and Covergirl. So guess who we supported? It was none other than Sean :) Honestly he should have won la. Not being bias cause he's like a little bro to me but honestly, he was the the only hunk on stage who wasn't a kayu. He even danced with the covergirls while the rest just stood so still like a tree. Oh wells, in the end it was decided by the number of SMS votes the contestants get. So yeah. Guess Sean's friends ought to have voted more to help his chances of winning ;)

With the man of the hour

While waiting for the rest to come

Should have worn a proper tee, got burn on my shoulder.
It hurts so MUCH now.

With Edwin and Elena during the crowning of 17 Hunks!

So yeah, that was pretty much how my Sunday morning was, but that's not the end of my day. After the theme park, had dinner with the girls at Bandar Puteri. Rushed like a mad woman. Was late for about 20minutes and the girls didn't let off on that since I was nagging them to be on time. Heh. Oh the irony.

Awet Thai Cafe

Address: No. 1-G, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 03-80605630
GPS: E10136'58.1" N31'26.2"

Wasn't having any expectation from this restaurant since it was an open air restaurant, but gosh was I wrong. It was amazing! The food and the service. They served Pandan water for free and it was FREE FLOW :D The dishes were very exquisite, quite spicy too. But it was worth it. Drank about 20+ glasses of tea just to counter the spiciness of the Tom Yam Soup. Apparently it's the place to go to eat Thai food. Just heard that Kerryn also went there recently :)

Phad Thai

Joy contemplating if she should go for her 3rd round

Tom Yam Soup

Pineapple Fried Rice

Joyce having her vain moment ;)

Limau Sotong

All of us before we attacked the food

Oh the girls, not sure how would life be without them. Bet I would be richer and less sociable. heh. But honestly, they are one of the bestest friends I could ever ask for. Hope we would grow old together and have our kids playing with each other :D hehe. Thinking far again. 21, it's time for big changes. Can't wait for internship next year. Can't wait to experience life as a young adult. Just can't wait to embark on another new journey. Spent to much time writing this post, time to get back on assignments! 

Bai! :D
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