Hair: HairGroom (Subang)

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Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Any of you DYING to get your hair cut 
but scare to leave your hair to random strangers to cut?
Wanna cut your hair but just don't have the cash for it?
Don't know which saloon to trust?

Photo Credits: HairGroom FB Page

Well guys everything would be answer here!
HairGroom is currently having their RM10 haircut promotion!

Food: Ko Hyang (Pyramid)

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Not sure about you guys but every time I am at Pyramid, I tend to choose McD or KFC because its affordable and fast. But honestly, getting bored of taking them and plus they are terrible for our body D: Besides that, it's hard to find a restaurant that is below RM20. 

This review goes out to all students who are tired of fast food 
yet want to fit within their below RM20 budget :)

Kerryn recommended a bunch of us to this Korean restaurant.
Ko Hyang
And it was totally worth the trip there! <3

Food: Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie (SS15)

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Their Restaurant title had a 3D feel going on.
It's not my camera fault that it look blur ;)

Yesterday we finally got to celebrate Edwin's birthday after delaying for so long. Welcome to the 21 club! :D We actually wanted to try out a Burger Joint at SS19 but it was closed on a Sunday, like seriously which restaurant closes on a Sunday?! So we had to change our location and Clement suggested Shakespeare at SS15. So okay lo. Heard lots of good review from Elysia, might as well try the place out :)

Want to celebrate a friend's birthday but don't know where to go?
Have a big crowd and worry that the restaurant would be to pack or noisy?
Want to make reservations at a corner to have a better time with friends?
Want to have a good setting that allows you to take good pictures during your meal?

Honestly, I was quite happy with Shakespeare's service. I found their number on foursquare and called to make a reservation for 10. When I arrived at the restaurant, we were placed at another section of the restaurant where it's almost like an area to ourselves. Though it was next to the toilet, the entire environment made it feel very cozy. It had the full-house feel. So Victorian like.

Sleepy Sunday

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Notice something aunty there? ;)

Been very exhausted this past week. Had events back to back. So much so that I accidentally came to church in my flip flops. Only my sister noticed and no one else. Thank goodness. Hmmm or did they? haha.

Giveaway: Winner of Rose Pendant Pendrive

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Gosh, this is only the second giveaway and it is getting harder to pick the winner of the prizes. Can't imagine for the future giveaways. Might be setting up a better system in the future like the other bloggers. But gosh, it's so complex la using their software. ZZZZ.

Anyways most of your comments never fail to give a smile on my face lo.

Honestly there were so many that I wish I could give the pendrive to but alas,
I only got one D:

On to revealing the winner!
AND the winner of the 2nd GIVEWAY is....


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First and foremost I just want to say thank you :)

Like seriously.
Since I started blogging, I got to attend events that I always dream of going when I was a kid. Got to attend fashion shows of international brands and also launch parties. All these would not be possible without you all :')

To show really just how thankful I am, I decided to start a bi-monthly giveaway. The giveaways would be given out during the 2nd week and the 4th week of the month. Things that are given are usually freebies that I have gotten from events. Honestly, there is too many freebies that I gotten and well I can't use them all. There is just too many stuff! Haha.

So do check out the blog regularly in order not to miss out on anything :)

Event: Benefit Push & Pop - Party of the Year!

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Oh the weekend is here and thus the start of all of the events. Somehow or another this month has been pretty packed for me. Unexpected and well glad that I am invited for all of the events :) Wasn't expected to go for this event but one thing let to another and I was all set for Benefit's Push & Pop event!

What is Benefit's Push & Pop event all about?
It is actually the launch of Benefit's Boutique at Sephora Starhill. It was a very glam evening where not only was it a launch party but also promote their iconic They're Real! Mascara. The event was hosted by Annie Ford Danielson, who is Benefit's Global Beauty Authority and daughter of Co-founder Jean Ford!!! She especially flew in from San Fancisco (USA) for this event :D

Okays lots of words written, mow it's time for the pictures ;)

Event: GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection Launch

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Am really so blessed to be given the opportunity to attend this event. Thanks to none other than The Butterfly Project for the invite. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to attend such a glam event :)

Love handbags?
In love with designer collection?
Don't know which bag is the latest in the market?

GUESS Malaysia launched their new GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection yesterday.
Their collection consist of Timeless, Primrose, My G's, Patty, Tilda & Golden Cage.
It was a time where I felt like Carrie in Sex In The City.
Suddenly, everything felt like it was a fairy tale dream.

Giveaway: Rose Pendant Pendrive [CLOSED]

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Hey Y'all! :D
There were so MANY good comments on the last giveaway

and there were a few of my favourites that just made me laughed like a hyena

Anyways I just wanna say thank you again to everyone who
takes the time to read my blog <3

It really means a lot to me.

To show you my appreciation, I am having another GIVEAWAY~!
This time its especially for the female readers
(Guys you can participate too. hehe)

It's a Rose Pendant Pendrive!
I got this from Zurich
Felt that this deserves a better owner than me :)
I got too many thumbdrive already.
AND this is brand new okay.

Food: Coffee Chemistry (SS15)

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Is it just me or is everyone having a craze for coffee art? No? Well maybe then it's just me. When I saw that other countries had 3D and colour on their coffee art, I was so jealous that Malaysia didn't have it. Little did I know, Malaysia had it all along and it's found at SS15, First Subang @ Coffee Chemistry! Was feeling a little adventurous today and decided to try out this coffee shop with Kish and Jane after class. Gosh, I was so happy when I saw the prices. It's way cheaper that the other coffee shops that I had tried so far lo. Same price for better quality :D Hehe.

A fan of coffee art?
Been dying to try out 3D coffee art but don't know where to go?
Continue reading this post for more info :D

Sale: Body Shop

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You would never believe how cheap Body Shop stuff are now!
FROM 18th of October until 7th November 2013!
Make sure you at least visit their shop once this or next week.

Looks like Christmas is here and it's found at Body Shop!
Been dying to get some new perfume or body lotion?
Been wanting to update your eye shadow colours?
Well here is your chance!
They are selling stuff as low as RM3.85 for a body lotion!

Event: Zurich Tea Party

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Got a chance to attend True Lady Tea Party by Zurich last Sunday :)

This event is only for those who registered online
However during the event lots of shameless aunties and uncles sneak themselves
in the event and push their way to eat the free food.
hohoho, oh we malaysian ;)
so giam siap

They says on their poster that it starts at 2pm 
but there were already so many people when we reach there at 1ish pm.
All the smart early ladies got a chance to go for free makeover!

Zurich providing the best coverage for women

Event: Gen Y Music Festival

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Attended this event at Saturday. Gosh there were about 3 different events that fell on that day. Was fortunate enough to make it to all 3. Got invited from the organizers and it was one of my first festival that was organised solely by students! Read my previous post to know more about this event.

Missed out Gen Y Music Festival?
This post has the full coverage of what happen.
300+ pictures to be exact :)

The music festival was held at Life Centre's event hall (KL LIVE)

Check out the KLCC's pink lights,
it done in conjunction with Breast Cancer awareness week.
Pretty ain't it?

Blogshop: MELFE Crafts (Accessories)

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Photo Credits: MELFE Crafts FB Page

Looking for something new to be added in your jewelry box?
Bored of seeing the same stuff from mainstream stores?

Check out MELFE Crafts!

Event: Churp Out 2013

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First it was Nuffang Food Fest and now it was Churp Out. It's my first time attending both event and boy was I blown away from Churp Out 2013. Was actually reluctant to go to the event as it was pretty far out at Setia City Mall but thank goodness I went. Enjoyed myself to the max and even got to try out REVERSE BUNGEE for the first time! :D The best part was that the ride was FREE! All I had to do was just tweet that I am about to go on the bungee ride. 

If you missed out on Churp Out 2013, don't worry. 
Here is all the details you ought to know that happened :)

Giveaway: WINNER of the Starbucks Card

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Alright it is now 12.06am, the gift away is officially closed!

Just want to say thank you TO EVERYONE who participate. 
There were a lot that just made me laughed like a fool in living room.
So you can just imagine how hard it was to just choose one! D:

AND... the winner of the Starbucks Card goes to.... 

All good things have to come to an end

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This week has been a very busy week went to Movie preview, Churp Churp, Gen Y Music Fest, Tea Party by Zurich and I Heart Bazaar. About to drop dead any moment. Got class again tomorrow. Oh gosh, I just wanna freeze time now. Just when you are enjoying your semester break, life pushes you back to reality D: 

How about you guys how has your weekend been?

Thanks to Nuraini. 
I was well fed with apple cake and cookies on Thursday and Friday :D

Tech: LED Desk Lamp

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Hey guys! This is a very weird review because I have never seen any blogs that have actually done a review on desk lamps. haha. Guess I shall be the first. 

On the hunt for a perfect desk lamp for your study table or work table? Want it not to be bright at times and flexible in movement? Don't have much space for it on your table but want a good quality lamp to give you your needed light? Then this LED Desk Lamp is for you :)

Was so happy when I got this LED Lamp from my dad on Friday.  Thanks daddy :) Needed a desk lamp badly and the one I was currently having was just too bright for my eyes to handle. He got the lamp from BonusLink btw. So all you BonusLink users! Here is your opportunity to claim something cool and useful :D

The reason why I am going to review this is because it's different from the other lamps that I seen so far!

The original price is RM119, selling at Parkson

Giveaway: Craving for Starbucks? [CLOSED]

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Hi Guys! 
I just want to say thank you so much for reading my blog and to show my gratitude, 
I want to have my first giveaway!

 ONE lucky reader would stand a chance to win a 
Starbucks card that has RM20 credit in it!

Take me home~!


Food Review: Garage 51 (Sunway)

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Craving for good coffee after class but don't know where to go?
Tired of always going to rock or eating in the cafeteria?
Stuck in Sunway and only got 2 hours break?
Well, guess what Sunway students?
We got a new coffee shop now and its Garage 51!

Event: Jaspal Fall/Winter Collection & CPS CHAPS Collection Fashion Show

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Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook

Photo Credits: Jaspal Facebook

So, just last week Jaspal launched their fall/winter 2013 collection at Aquasonic Club Pyramid. I was lucky enough to be invited by Kay (another fellow blogger). Thank you so much Kay and Jaspal! It was my first fashion show and well it was really a blast. Had lots of interesting finger food. From chocolate fondue to salmon on a stick. haha. 

Movie Review: Make Your Move

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Got to watch this movie just now thanks to Aforadio.
Won free tickets from an online contest.
Was really excited because I been dying to watch this since i saw the trailer at January.
To all KPOP fans out there, BoA is not name the Queen of POP for nothing.
Ohmygawd. She was so GOOD.
PLUS Derek Hough (Ex boyfriend of Nina Dobre and Dancing with the Stars) is in it!

Tech: LG Pocket Photo

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Thinking of getting a Polaroid camera but scare that your pictures might not turn out good?
In this digital age, almost everyone like to see whether their picture comes out 
good before printing or uploading a picture to their social networks.
I was actually waiting for this product since their announce it early this year.
Saw this product on WGM Global (Korean Drama) and 
was ALMOST ready to purchase it on ebay.
Thank god I didn't.
It finally arrive in Malaysia and guess what?!
They are having a RM100 discount promo at Giant Subang Outlet.
Their booth is in the mall but not in Giant itself.
Anyways more details at the bottom.

Food Review: Chilla Cup (Subang Avenue)

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Photo Credits: Chilla Cup FB Page

Need a place to chill with good food at wee late hours?
Come and check out Chilla Cup.
Am totally IN LOVE with their Caramel Toast now.
If only all of my toast could taste as good as theirs :)

Bittersweet Moments

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To go or not to go. Honestly, I wish I can really be at two places at once. Learned my lesson for today, I shouldn't blindly say yes to someone without thinking things through. Guess that day is a good date since so many events are falling on the same day. Torn between the middle now. I really wish I could stop time and do both at once. Then again, guess this is where it all lies down to. Which road really matters to me? 

Two years ago I wouldn't have asked that question, what changed? Life. Friends. Me. As a famous quote goes, "Gain some, lose some. You can't have everything in the world." Somehow or people are starting to drift away, they began to change and somehow or another talking to them have a chilly feel attached. Especially at a certain place, we cry, we learn, we listen but honestly it just feels like it's all in the surface. Guess it's true what people say, when they need something they would be your best friend but when they don't, they don't even notice your existence. Friendship. What is that? Everything is just starting to be a blur.

Somehow or another I thought when I reach the age of twenty-one, I would be able to conquer the world. It's funny how I am back to the question I asked myself when I was seven. What is friendship? Don't get me wrong, I got friends. Just... Something Changed. It isn't the same anymore. Guess I shouldn't expect to much. In the end, we need each other to get things done. Communication. Communication is what helps to strengthen or break a relationship. Whether it's lack of communication or miscommunication, it seems to circle a lot around me. I guess, that's the way it would be. Even if I don't want it to happen, no matter what I try it seem to backfire. 

Church. University. Expectations. Dream. Wishes. Hopes. Future. Love. SINCERITY...

Entertainment Review: Laser Warzone (IOI Mall - Puchong)

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Want to have fun but don't know what to do with your friends?
Want to play paint ball but afraid of the pain?
Well then my friends, laser tag is all you need for a fun filled adventure.
It always makes me feel like I am a secret agent trying to kill all the villians.
PLUS: After 3 games, I bet you would be sweating out as if you ran a marathon.

To those who watch How I Met Your Mother would know what laser tag is.

If not, read this post!
After this, you would want to try it out for yourself!

Food Review: Flat White Cafe (SS15)

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Picture Credits: Flat White FB Page

Craving for Nutella and Cappuccino at the same time?
Thinking of trying out a new cafe at Subang?
Want to experience an artsy and rustic cafe?

Event: Time To Party Like A Gen Y!

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Generation Y ( A term to identify those that are born at 1980's - 2000's) Youth Music Festival/Concert is organised by Music Society of Nottingham University Malaysia. This event is a platform to provide youth opportunity to perform and also with witness other uprising local talents (singers, musicians, beatboxer, dancers) during the festival. 

Food Review: Restaurant Yeo Ye (Subang Perdana)

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Craving for good affordable Chinese in Subang? My family and I have been going to this restaurant since last year and almost every week we have a meal here. I adore fish and now I can have as many as I want because it is only RM10 here! :D Cheap right? Now they got my favourite Tofu Soup too :D I am a huge fan of Sharkin soup and since it's not good for the environment, I decided to switch to Tofu! This Tofu soup include crab meat too :D And it is only RM12 for the soup, which can be share by 4 people <3 

Food Review: Upstairs Cafe (SS12)

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Finally got to go to Upstairs Cafe (SS12). Been hearing a lot of good review of this place, especially for their Red Velvet Cake :D Just naming the cake is making me hungry again. Anyways this place is located next to Sime Darby Medical Centre (Subang Jaya). Apparently it is very hard to find parking there and most people always park at the housing area because of the lack of parking, but luckily enough, i got a parking at my first round of finding a parking! Yay me! :D We got there around 5.50pm. So I guess the working crowd was already leaving.

Can you spot Upstairs Cafe?
Its the top middle shop.

Food Review: Sukiya Restaurant (Taipan)

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Photo Credits: Sukiya Taipan FB Page

Ever wonder how Japanese fast food look like? 
Always wanted to eat cheaper Japanese food?
Well, it's possible now with Sukiya Gyudon @ Taipan.
As a student, I know its hard to find a cheap air-con restaurant to hang out with your friends.
But thank goodness for Sukiya, We can now reduce our hang outs at Mcd ;)
By far this is the most affordable Japanese food around my area that I know of.
The prices range from RM7.90-RM20+

The reason why I call this a fast food joint is because they serve their food
in different sizes which are S, M & L
The differences of the sizes is the amount of rice given.
So for those small eaters, bet you all are screaming for joy now.
A meal that caters to your needs :)

Company Visit: PWC Malaysia Review

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Photo Credit: PWC FB Page

This is a super late review. Got a chance to go to PWC Company visit with the help of Sunway University LEAP. LEAP organises various talks, conferences and company visits through out the year. Got to visit BASF and EY thanks to them. PWC was my latest company visit and I been itching to visit them since they are known to be one of the Big 5 accounting firms. Heard a lot of good reviews of PWC working ethics and environment before I got to visit them, so I ended up visiting the company with a high expectation. Surprisingly, they really impressed me and made me wished that I was an ACCA student, instead of a psychology student. But hey, I am getting ahead of myself again.

On the 6th of September 2013 (Friday), about 35+ of us Sunway students got a chance to visit PWC. They informed us to be at the foyer by 2pm, however due to Friday being a prayer day for the Islam, the bus driver only arrive to pick us up at 3.30. The drive took the bus driver around 20 minutes to PWC. The company is located in KL (Near Brickfields). 

Event: Nuffang Food Festival 2013 Review

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Event: Nuffang Food Festival 2013 Review

If you haven't heard about Nuffnang's Food Festival, then you my friend have missed out on the best FREE FOOD festival ever. This is the first ever food festival that I only used RM 4 for my dinner (RM 3 - Parking and RM1 for a photo). Before I get ahead of myself, this is by far the best planned event for a festival. First, they market their even quite well. Heard about this event through the posters around Pyramid, Canopy walk, Seventeen magazine website, Female magazine website, Facebook, Nuffnang FB page, and other various event websites. Since it was a first ever foodfest by Nuffnang, I never expected them to create so much hype and goodies for the crowd. The vendors they got for their event were amazing. When I heard of the event giving out FREE food, I was skeptical thinking that its like the samples we get at some supermarket promoter. BUT NO, majority of the food given out were like kid-sizes, where restaurant usually offer the exact size in their kids menu. So yeah, my friends and I ended up having our dinner at the event itself. I even brought pasta to the event thinking that I would be hungry after having all the free samples. haha. How silly of me. 

Passing on the Baton

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Gosh, so many events this week, thank goodness it's the weekend and a time to relax. Hopefully there would be time to relax. Sometimes I just feel like I want to run away to some island and sip my coconut by the beach. But I guess there would be a time for that in the far future or in my dreams. Anyways, at my last post I talked about receiving certificates right?

Well, didn't actually expected Sunway University to bless me with a scrumptious filling western lunch at the SSD. I even more didn't expect them to prepare certificates for us helping to participate as buddies at the Lancaster Student Exchange Program. Basically, that program is where the students from Lancaster UK come over to Malaysia (September 2013) to experience and learn about our culture for 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks, 3 in a group would be assigned to a buddy. I was lucky to get Cherie, Gosia and Rosen as my buddies :) They were all the best, funniest and caring buddies I could ever ask for. Learn a fair bit of how their culture is. Found out that people from Poland love to drink a lot. haha. Anyways, it was a good experience to take upon. Felt like a tour guide, guiding them to some restaurants and pasar malam. One of my group member called me a FAKE CHINESE, once she found out that I couldn't hold the chopsticks the right way and noticing that I speak Mandarin with a slang. Was kinda sad when they left, felt like a part of me left with them when I gave them their last ride back to their residence.

The entire group during the farewell dinner
(From right: Gosia, Rosen, Me & Cherie)

Event: Zara, Berska, Pull & Bear Warehouse Sale Review

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Hey babes! Just got back from the warehouse sale and boy was it worth my entire afternoon! Had a full day today actually. Had to pick up ma & pa to TTDI, attend a university cert ceremony, attend another club cert ceremony / social gathering, pick up sis from college and the go for the sale! :D  I actually went for the sale twice today. Went at 12pm, met up with some uni girls and again with the girls at 3.30pm.

So here is all the details. To those that haven't been there yet, here is what to expect at the sale. 

Never Ending Free Food, Sale and Promotion!

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Finally got home, seriously imma about to drop dead anytime soon. So after going out to the warehouse sale, had to pick up mummy dearest from Kelana. Picked her up around 5ish, and I could see all the cars stuck at the LDP already. Was just so tired to face the jam that we decided to head to paradigm, to wait until the traffic subside. Anyways, I won Fish & Co vouchers from paradigm a while back and never got a chance to pick them up. So yeah, guess what we had for dinner? ;) Teeehee. 

Check out Paradigm's FB page for more info

Sale: RSH Warehouse Sale Review 2013

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Phew, what a day. Just got back from classes, handling up an assignment and the RSH annual warehouse sale. Never expected to rain but thank god for free parking inside of the warehouse compound. Anyways, here are some of the pictures I took when I was at the sale with kishya and nuraini. We were all in a rush to get the best items until we didn't even took a picture together. haha. oh wells.

Heaps of badminton rackets priced at rm50+

Events: Bonanza, Warehouse Sale, Bazaar and Festival!

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Gosh it's already the 3rd of October! How is the start of your new month so far? Hopefully it's a good start. This month kicked in with so many sales and promotions going around. It's like October is THE MONTH to empty your pockets and dry up your wallets. Anyways this post is gonna be just solely be on the sale and promotions that are happening this week. So make sure that you get to visit and enjoy all of the promotion and sales! Don't miss out on them :)

1) Sushi King Bonanza 
(30th September 2013 - 3rd October 2013)

Getting the Ball Rolling

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Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday.
Can a day move any faster?
Being stuck in the observation lab is not making my day any better.
At the verge of going crazy over boredom and hunger.

Guess this is the most hated part of being a psychology student,
finding participants for your experiment.

If only everyone would say yes.
Jess is an adventurous Malaysian girl with a soft spot for food, shoes and all things romantic. She loves fashion and traveling too. Diversity excites her, therefore she would tend to try out everything she gets a chance to ✌ [It's Jessy] (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-03f5fetL2yM/VcjMybyGvRI/AAAAAAAAk_Q/HSNlhlRdbRI/s1600/11428132_938657246181010_1642264289_n.jpg)