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Photo Credit: PWC FB Page

This is a super late review. Got a chance to go to PWC Company visit with the help of Sunway University LEAP. LEAP organises various talks, conferences and company visits through out the year. Got to visit BASF and EY thanks to them. PWC was my latest company visit and I been itching to visit them since they are known to be one of the Big 5 accounting firms. Heard a lot of good reviews of PWC working ethics and environment before I got to visit them, so I ended up visiting the company with a high expectation. Surprisingly, they really impressed me and made me wished that I was an ACCA student, instead of a psychology student. But hey, I am getting ahead of myself again.

On the 6th of September 2013 (Friday), about 35+ of us Sunway students got a chance to visit PWC. They informed us to be at the foyer by 2pm, however due to Friday being a prayer day for the Islam, the bus driver only arrive to pick us up at 3.30. The drive took the bus driver around 20 minutes to PWC. The company is located in KL (Near Brickfields). 

1 Sentral Building 

Kinda weird to name a building that if you ask me. It's as though the developers lost all creativity and didn't bother to even try to give it a befitting name of this magnificent modern building. Oh wells. So yeah, this is the first thing I saw when  I arrived. If I am not wrong, PWC has about 8 floors of this 30 floor building. GE Malaysia also occupy this building along with other companies.

1 Sentral upclose

So when we entered the building, at the lobby I noticed that they had a row of number keypad. And everyone who enter the building pressed on the keypad before waiting for their lift to arrive. At first I thought that those keypads were tools to log in the time they arrive to work. So I kept thinking to myself, gosh everyone is only coming back from lunch at 4pm?! Thank goodness a lady at the lobby explained to all of us what was the use of the key pad in the middle of the lobby. Well, get this, the keypad is to allow the user to key in which floor they would like to go to and would inform you which lift to wait at, to bring you to your desire floor. So FYI, all of the lifts were labelled with numbers at the top. Besides that there is no numbers located in the lift, only open, close and help buttons were found. It was so weird and well, kinda interesting that some building actually have this. I acted kinda jakun, just immersing myself to understand how the keypad work. Was so amaze how far technology has brought us :) Other than that, I also noticed that the lifts were more efficient as they the keypad help to gather all the people to the same lift to bring them to the same floor.

The row of keypads

We listen to a talk given by a manager. He was quite young to be a manager, I think he was at his late 20s. Anyways he talked about all the good things PWC have in their company. The company's vision, value, programs, etc.

In short I made a list what makes PWC different from the other companies I visited so far:

1. Coach / Mentor Program

In their company, every person got a requirement to coach someone in the office. This helps the working environment to be a learning environment to all the newbies that join in. Apparently la, CEO and Partners are also require to coach someone. If they don't coach, others can complain about their annual work performance report. So yeah. Executives could actually complain about their managers being a bully if they feel like the managers are not giving them opportunity to take up on projects or guide them when they are lost. This is a smart program if you ask me. Win-Win to most of the people. But at the same time, pity the HR team since they gotta ensure this works and to evaluate all the forms from EVERY employee.

2. Accumulation of overtime and trade them annual leave

This is the first time I ever heard of any company doing this and ALL companies should learn from them. If any employees did overtime in the office due to a project or a client, then they are able to turn all those time into paid leave. However, the HR team would evaluate how much a person do overtime a month and to make sure they are not just staying back in office to get more leave in a year. Oh the sneaky workers ;)

3. Starting pay for any executive is at RM2700

This was mention by the HR team. Not bad for a start up pay lo :)

4. Long leave available

They give about 7 months unpaid leave I think. This is good for those who wants to travel Europe or settle with their new born baby. So yeah. Kinda forgotten how long was the maximum amount of unpaid leave you can take at a shot. Oh wells, ask them la if you are really interested.

Photo Credits: PWC FB Page
Here is a poster of them showing that they do give long leaves.
But the question is how long?

5. Proper working station along with free coffee from vending machines

Unlike another Big 5 company that I visited, PWC provide all of their employees with cublical. Which is a relief after the last visit I had with another accounting company. That accounting company actually place their employees to face the wall lo. Super depressing to work there if you ask me. Oh! PWC's office colour revolves around their logo, so majority of their interior got orange and red colour. It really gives you a 'lets finish all our work fast' vibe. Felt very awake after seeing all of the colours in the company :) They also provide free coffee/drink from the vending machines at their cafeteria to all employees. That is the right way to show how much you love your workers lo. Give free stuff! :D

6. Able to work overseas

There are many office branches of PWC around the world, so during the talk, they said that anyone can apply overseas for a period of time. However, their work performance and personality would be review before they approve. Because, as they say, not everyone can handle working abroad with the many requirements and expectation from the overseas culture. 

7. Does charity work

They often have days where they organise seminars for school kids, give weekly tuition to school kids, marathon to help raise money to the orphanages, give a party to the orphanages, etc. Was quite shock that they as a big firm would do that for a community.

8. Social Media Savvy
As an accounting firm, I never expected them to do videos about their work culture or making funny tutorials for new interns. They are also on FB and Twitter. They post interesting news about career, studies, updates on their company and etc. Basically, they are very engaging to the society, just like how magazines draw the crowd's attention.

Photo Credits: PWC FB Page
Their unique hiring poster

Photo Credits: PWC FB Page
Their insightful tips on what not to do when applying for a job

Photo Credits: PWC FB Page
They hire designers and photographers too :)

Here is a survivor's guide for interns.

Besides the intern video, they made us watch another video too. It's titled "Apa Lagi GenY Mau?' which means, 'What more do GenY want?' Anyways, I can't find it. So yeah better luck next time! :)

Half of us during the talk.
Can you spot me? :)

The entrance of PWC's level 10

Their waiting area for guest and clients

At the right of the waiting area, they got a coffee/espresso area!

Paprika Boardroom

They named all of their board rooms according to the names of spices 
since the building is found in Brickfields

Nutmeg Boardroom

The picture of spices at the waiting area outside of the boardroom.

The hangout cafeteria

The inner cafeteria

Their beanbag hangout room to relax and get energize

A group picture of us all!

Transportation wise, it's said that there are shutter van, buses, lrt that are all nearby. As for own transportation, it's about 20 minutes drive from Sunway to PWC office without any traffic. Parking on the other hand is a killer. Most of the employees, park quite far for cheap or free parking lot. This was all that I experienced during my PWC Company visit. 

Here is PWC Malaysia's FB Page and their Youtube Channel

Would be doing another company visit post on Groupon if I am free.

fyi, I took this picture when I was there a few weeks back

Have a good day ahead! xx
All the best to those looking for a job placement for their internship :)

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