Event: Benefit Push & Pop - Party of the Year!

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Oh the weekend is here and thus the start of all of the events. Somehow or another this month has been pretty packed for me. Unexpected and well glad that I am invited for all of the events :) Wasn't expected to go for this event but one thing let to another and I was all set for Benefit's Push & Pop event!

What is Benefit's Push & Pop event all about?
It is actually the launch of Benefit's Boutique at Sephora Starhill. It was a very glam evening where not only was it a launch party but also promote their iconic They're Real! Mascara. The event was hosted by Annie Ford Danielson, who is Benefit's Global Beauty Authority and daughter of Co-founder Jean Ford!!! She especially flew in from San Fancisco (USA) for this event :D

Okays lots of words written, mow it's time for the pictures ;)

Btw the theme of the event was Bold and Sexy.

Contemplated between these two outfits and ended up going
with the one on the right :)

My Teman of the night, Kerryn <3
Doesn't she just look all glam-ed up?
Was totally in love with her Charles and Keith Bag.
So rockerish <3
And me.
To be honest, we both did not plan our outfits together.
Mine is a dress, while hers is a two piece outfit.
Plus if you looked closely, we were wearing the same necklace
haha. Guess great minds, think a like ;)

We were a lil early, so we chilled at Pavilion
and did some window shopping :D

LG Pocket Photo had a booth at Pavilion
So we decided to get our pictures printed for free :D
Seriously debating if I should get the Pocket Photo Printer or not. hmm

So at 6pm we headed to Sephora Starhill at the event
So futuristic right their store?
Made me feel like I was entering into a whole different dimension

Here was their well decorated entrance 
Looks so glam right?

Me at the front
As we were walking in, guess who we saw standing behind us?
It was CHANNEL E Film crew.
Channel E was actually covering this event.

Photo Credits: Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
Can you spot the E! at their mic?
It's actually my first time attending such a large coverage event 

As we were going up to level 2, 
we couldn't resist the mirror lift. hehe
The lift at Sephora was super tiny.

When there were four of us in it, it felt so uncomfortable
and made me feel claustrophobic 
Thank goodness we were in it only for a short while.

Us after we got off the lift

Level 2, Benefit Boutique

They also had Make Up Forever there
There were a feel half naked hotties too at the event :3
Had to control my raging hormones. haha

Kerryn posing with the Benefit's Pore-festional ad

Me and my Champagne

They had FREE FLOW of champagne during the event,
since the theme after all is Push & Pop.
But as a safe driver, I only had one glass and stick to water through out the event.
Just want to let you know before y'all judge me.

Love how they decorate their champagne glass with some quirky lines

Their brow bar
Guests could actually trim/wax their brows at this station.

Wanted to do mine too but didn't want to ruin my make up
so oh wells.

Their products

The one in the pink top was the DJ of the night, DJ Nikki

After a few minutes the crowd started to pour in

This is their iconic mascara!
They're Real Mascara

Various products from Benefit

The store assistants were all dressed in corsets.
Talk about bold and sexy!!

another selfie of us :D

They had a corner of photo session with the hotties. Pictures that were taken were aired on their flat screen TV in the store. They also had polaroid film given out to those who took a picture with the hunks :D

My dates of the night. hehe.

After taking the picture...
The dude on the left said, "Gosh, I can feel her shaking, she must be really nervous"
And yes I was. Never had a random topless stranger come so close to me.
Could feel his abs wei. *.*

I always look forward to see how event prepare their food.
Benefit did it in a very classy way
Most of their food came in tart forms

I have no idea what this is called but it was potato and mushroom
or I thought it was la. haha

The white one was scallop and well the burger was filled with salmon <3

Lastly desserts!
They had raspberry and blueberry tart <3

Kerryn looking excited during the event.
Don't she look so chic? :)

Meet Patricia K again.

When I saw her coming in the store and our eyes met, she quickly came over, hugged me and greeted me. Felt so special when she did that. We did talk at our last encounter at GUESS but gosh, despite her being a celebrity, she was super friendly to everyone la :) Hot and down to earth, no wonder she is always on FHM.

Sazzy Falak (Malaysian Actress) and I

Serena C and I
Her friend help took these shots for us.
Love the second picture of us.

Photo Credits: Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
The VIPs of the night!

Had my brows done by one of the store assistant.
She was so sweet to help redefine my brows


This is the store assistant and I
Noticed that my brows looked fuller after using Benefit's Give Me Brow 

Doesn't she look all dolled up? Exactly like the statue if you ask me :D

The entire crowd at 7pm

Annie giving her opening speech

The guy in the middle is CEO of Benefit Malaysia

Balloon of their mascara!
It's almost the same height as me! haha 

The EMCEE announcing that they would begin the event

All of a sudden, a group of guys dressed in pilot costume came out

And guess what did they do next?

They did a strip show for us.
All of the girls went wild and crazy cheering!

They placed FREE Benefit Mascara on the side of their briefs
for the crowd to grab them.
This was one of the brave one who got it. haha

The EMCEE did a wonderful job at the event.
It was always so entertaining when ever she spoke

The Hunks with Annie

The EMCEE gathering everyone to the inside of the store

And the crowd gotten bigger!

Kerryn and the Benefit Sign

And my turn :D

Everyone socializing

Oh they had a confession lucky draw.
To participate in the lucky draw, you have to write your a confession
and paste it on the wall.
I left the event before the winner was announce. 
Was just too tired to wait.

Balloons everywhere!

Paige and I
Thanks for the invite babe <3

The hunks got vandalized by the female audience with Benefit's eye liner.
haha. What a waste of good eye liner.
Can you spot someone's number on one of the hunks? ;)
Some aroused lady left it there.

Next up of the event was games
and gosh was it ever so sensual *.* 

The other hunks all ready for the challenge

The first game was to pop the balloon with only using your chest.

So Serena C was the first player up and it took them a while to pop it. haha

Next was Chief Editor of Seventeen Magazine 
It took her only one second to pop it.
Guess they both used a lot of force. haha

Met this cutie at the party and we instantly became friends
Everyone say hit to Korean Blogger, Jewel Eum

The next game was more intense. Like seriously wei.
I literally when :O when I heard how you gotta play the game.

Girls gotta put a pole in between of their legs and fit it into a toilet roll 
which was in between of the guy's legs

So these were the two brave girls up for the challenge!

They had another game which was blowing a condom until it pop!
I think Patricia K won that game. heh XD

It was a new experience for me to attend such a huge store launch.
Lots of media were there. Video cameras everywhere.
Heard that Hot Magazine and MY Tv was there too.

With the host of the night, Annie
Have I mention that she is also the daughter of the Benefit owner?
Couldn't believe that she actually came all the way from USA for this event lo.

We left the event at 8pm because it was just too packed and
we wanted to called it a day.

Us and our goodie bags

Kerryn as happy as a little kid

So from the gift bag Benefit gave us their Mascara and Pore Minimizer!
Thank You Benefit! <3

Seriously enjoyed myself yesterday and hope that I would get to cover more events with Benefit in the future too :)

Have a wonderful weekend ahead everyone!
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