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First it was Nuffang Food Fest and now it was Churp Out. It's my first time attending both event and boy was I blown away from Churp Out 2013. Was actually reluctant to go to the event as it was pretty far out at Setia City Mall but thank goodness I went. Enjoyed myself to the max and even got to try out REVERSE BUNGEE for the first time! :D The best part was that the ride was FREE! All I had to do was just tweet that I am about to go on the bungee ride. 

If you missed out on Churp Out 2013, don't worry. 
Here is all the details you ought to know that happened :)

My temans of the day were the Tan siblings
Love them to the max.
They are always there for anything I need :P

We reached around 12pm and this was the first thing we saw as we entered

Amazing ain't it?

They even prepared a backdrop to take pictures!
It would have been even better if they had a event map handout given
then I would know know which store I was visiting :)
Busy Busy Busy
Lots of people flocking over the registration booth
Thank goodness I already register online and only had to 
show them the QR Code on my handphone :)

They really went all out with the decos at the area

It was FREAKING hot!
I got sunburn when I left the place
Interesting outdoor event.
Bet that's enough Vitamin D for a month ;)

My main goal of the day was to go on the reverse bungee
I even brought cash just in case it wasn't free.
That was just how much I wanted to try it out :D

As we were going towards the bungee ride, 
a few girls stopped us to take a picture with them.

During the event, if you were to take a picture with those girls 
and hashtag #ChurpOut2013 along with tagging their churp2 account,
they would give out free Churp Out 2013 Badges

Smart marketing plan there for their event.

They also had games near the bungee ride
After you have win each games, you get tokens as a prize
and would be able to trade those tokens into a gift at one of their booths

Photo Credits: ChurpChurp FB Page

They also had lucky draws given out!
I didn't bother participating in it because they would only announce the winner at the evening
Oh wells, at least I got my Line Bear already from Youth Jam Music Festival ;)

Waited about 15 minutes in line before I got to go on the Reverse Bungee

The dude before me
He was fearless! When he got down from the ride,
He told me, this is nothing la. Not high at all.
Somehow after he said that I got even more nervous

They took awhile to hang me up, guess they needed extra rope for my weight

My kung fu kick at mid air 
Screamed like a little girl.

Next was ely, where she just posed like a boss on air.
That girl got swag la.

Watch the video here for Elysia and my Reverse Bungee Moment :D

All of us with our LINE fan friends :D

What's an event without a BAZAAR?
The place was just CROWDED with Bloggers!
Everywhere I turn was a famous blogger at sight.
Besides Four Feet Night, Timothy and Miss Bulat, I knew no one. Haha.
Still kinda new at this whole blogging thing. 3 months to be exact.

Took a few pictures of the Fashion Booths.
Don't ask me to name the people  D:
So just look at the pretty clothes ba.

Seriously LOVEEE the cardigan and necklace
Would have bought it in a heart beat if I brought enough money  D':

Check out the Hello Kitty Flowers

Peep was also there!
Happy to meet her again since our encounter at BFM Conference last month :)

They had Kenji Chai, famous Malaysia artist, to prepare graffiti umbrellas
In order to promote Hunger Games 2

Photo Credits: ChurpChurp FB Page

He also SPRAY PAINTED this dress!
Reminds me so much of Katniss dress.
Gosh the girl on FIRE!

Since Nuffnang's Food Fest, I couldn't get over the pretty photo-booth.
And was so ecstatic when I saw that Churp Out also had a photo-booth
This time, it was free!
Can you spot the Miley Prop there? LOL.
Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE :)

Churp Out also brought Comic Bloggers out! :D
I read Bro Don't Like That La's blog before and gosh was it funny wei.
Didn't know his name and was shy so didn't asked for a photo op together  :3

Oh wells, got a drawing of me by CheeChingy :)

And here is the product of it! :D

Artist busy at work

Snap a picture with Ms Bulat when she was free! :D
Go read her comics!
They are so adorable :)

Guess who else we met? :)
Dan Khoo was also chilling at the Comics Booth when we were there. 

Star Newspaper Rage was there to promote their Anti Bullying Campaign

A Korean Chicken Wing (KyoChon) store made their first appearance in Malaysia 
for the first time at Churp Out 2013

Their store would be opening at 1 Utama soon.
So check out their FACEBOOK Page for more details :)

They had an activity that all those who pose with the Super Junior Boards
and upload the picture to any social sites with their hashtag would be able to walk
away with A HUGGGGE POSTER of Super Junior
Guess which lucky girl got it? ;)

Met Ashley there too at KyoChon :)

They had lots of stuff for sale

Around 1.50pm, it was windy and people flew their kites :)

Niko Niko Onigiri was also one of the vendors at the event

Bought myself a Passionade Homade Beverage for RM5.50

TedBoy Bakery was also there!
Just look at their pastries <3 

After walking for 2 hours, my flats looked like it was about to die.
Seriously, learned my lesson there.
Would wear shoes for an outdoor event next time  D':
RIP my Cotton On flats </3

Cheer Aces did a performance at 2pm
Just before it started to drizzle :)

Watch their performance here!
Photo Credits: ChurpChurp FB Page

While waiting for our chicken wings to be cook.
Take a selfie :)

The crowd at 2pm

Their packaging were super junior
So all the Super Junior fans out there should be happy for the free paper bags 

Finally our chicken wings appear!
Ely who is a lover of hotness, said that the spicy chicken was REALLY spicy.
First time hearing that from her since she can just eat chili padi on its on.

Nom nom nommmmm

They even provided us with gloves to 
prevent dirty fingers.
Felt like a korean since I only witness this in Korean dramas  :P

At 2.20ish pm, it started to drizzle D:

Took some pictures before we ran to the car.

With the famous Timothy and Audrey :D

With the EMCEE of the event, Linora Low.
Second time seeing her at an event this year.
Last month was Seventeen Magazine's Summer Splash 2013
Super fun person to hang with :)

Us relaxing on the bean bags before it rain

Setia City Mall!

Goodies of the day from the event!

Verdict: 7/10

Generally, we all had a lot of fun during the event! Honestly it would be one of the most memorable event I attended this year because of their Reverse Bungee Ride. Seriously so happy that I got a chance to ride it. If only their were more variety of food vendors then it would have been perfect. Besides everything I blog, apparently there were other activities and performances when we left  D: BOOHOO. Had to leave because of the rain and youth service. But oh wells, now I can't wait for next year's Churp Out! :D

Check out some of the activities that happened after we left
Below all Photo Credits goes to ChurpChurp FB Page

Ukulele :)

Bubblessss everywhere!

Youtubers, Dancer and Beatboxer making an appearance

Some kung fu?

How did you all spent your Saturday Morning? :)
Do share xx
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