Event: Gen Y Music Festival

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Attended this event at Saturday. Gosh there were about 3 different events that fell on that day. Was fortunate enough to make it to all 3. Got invited from the organizers and it was one of my first festival that was organised solely by students! Read my previous post to know more about this event.

Missed out Gen Y Music Festival?
This post has the full coverage of what happen.
300+ pictures to be exact :)

The music festival was held at Life Centre's event hall (KL LIVE)

Check out the KLCC's pink lights,
it done in conjunction with Breast Cancer awareness week.
Pretty ain't it?

At KL LIVE hall

An Honest Mistake merchandises were sold during the event

Me, Emily and Rhys at the entrance 

Gen Y also sold t-shirts to help raise money for charity
See my previous post for more info

They gave out vouchers, tunetalk sim cards and shout awards tickets
at the event.
There was none left when I arrived  D':

They had a VIP area for those who bought the VIP tickets
Free snacks and drinks were provided for them

They had a lounge at the corner where the audience can purchase drinks

Due to being lost at KL and the traffic jam cause by the rain.
We arrived just in time for Marquee's Performance!
They totally owned the stage and it was totally rockish.
The crowd danced along to the beat

The crowd at 7ish pm 

The guitarist of Maruqee was so cool.
He played it like he was playing a violin.
First time seeing someone play a guitar that way

Next up was DJ Sam

The pick up was a little slow
But when he hit the peak, the crowd went WILD

The crowd getting all pumped up for the next performance

Conquer the stage with their bloody red attires

Love the afro hair dude

The EMCEES of the night.
They pumped up the crowd before Rhythm Nation returns on stage

The crowd all ready for round 2 of Rhythm Nation

This dude should be given an award.
He ought to be the best EMCEE to wake up the crowd.
Whenever he comes on stage, everyone just start getting energize again.

Rhythm Nation Round 2

The guys really enjoyed themselves
Most of them sang along with the band

Suddenly one of the guitarist took off his shirt.
Guess it was too hot despite the having the aircon in the hall *.*

The EMCEES back on stage to announce their next performer

It was none other than SHAWN LEE the beatboxer
The crowd when crazy when they saw him!
Everyone started to take out their phones, tablets, cameras, etc
Noticed that he got buffer since his last appearance.
Guess someone been hitting the gym often

After the performance, the crowd shouted for ENCORE.
But he couldn't do another performance due to 
the event time management and his schedule.
Everyone was pretty ecstatic to have at least seen him perform.

Next up was a 15 YEAR OLD Youtube Sensation,

Everyone fell in love with this sweet heart
All of her ballads were sang perfectly
And seriously, she doesn't sound like a 15 year old to me.
Bet she would be the next Yuna of Malaysia :)

Next UP was MEDA
They perform belly dancing and gosh can they really shake it

Next up was Sep-Dola
He killed it.
Honestly rap is my weakness and gosh he blew everyone away

Wished that I had recorded it to have a play back of his sick performance.

The EMCEE went back on stage to announce another performer

KEQING was the sweet heart of all guys
and the envy of girls
Only at 20 years old, she is a model, actress and singer 
(about to release her next album soon)

The guys went gaga over her.
Apparently one guy even threw his IPHONE for her
while she was singing on stage.

The EMCEE trying to get lucky
Oh did I mention she got just the cutest voice ever?
Somehow it sounds like a cartoon character.
Everyone went awwww so cute when ever she spoke in English
Most of her songs are chinese btw

Shot taken by rhys.

The crowd at 10pm

Next up was ARIFF

His voice was so mesmerizing.
Plus the way he sang and his body moment was just so funny.
Each time he sing he would move his head to the left and right.
Most memorable singer of the night for me

Did I mention that his bassist kicked ass too?
Good combo

The bassist even took out a tiny piano and started playing during his solo

After the performance a random Fashion Show turned up
It was so unexpected.
Somehow some of their clothes reminded me of Forever 21's line
They played good tunes as the models strut their stuff

Lots of foreign models which was surprising. 
one the the guys look like a mix of Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson :D


The EMCEE came back on stage to hype up the crowd.
Seriously this guy deserves a cookie
Love it when ever he made us all pumped up

The next performance was Dennis Lau
Electric Violist
He perform a lot of recent songs from Bruno Mars, Psy and etc 

He had models behind him during his performance

He had Marquee's lead singer (Micheal) to accompany him during one 
of his cover song, Don't you worry child

Performing among the crowd

He even chose a lucky lady to serenade his music to

Next up was another rapper
Loved his raps. He did it so fast.

He had some other performers joining him on stage.

They did basketball, yoyo and break-dance

After that, DJ SAM came back for a last performance
And everyone just danced like there was no tomorrow

Suddenly 2 kids appeared on stage.

Honestly, though this event has no drinking, I seriously don't understand
why any parent would bring their child here.

There were some that smoked in the hall and the music was loud.
Seriously, if parents want to have fun, they should hire a babysitter.
Some of the girls even taught the kids how to move to the beat -_____-
They should be sleeping not at a music fest around 11pm lo.

Finally the performance that I was looking forward to all week
They performed 3 songs and gosh,
the audience started to imitate their rocket head dance.
It was so funny and cool. haha.
Should have taken a video of it but I was busy snapping away all the pictures :)

Their new female vocalist, Ashley.
Despite her being new, she still rocked the stage :D

The spotlight just shined upon Daren at one moment.
divine moment? haha

And that was the end of the performance
Funny that Leonard ended with that"YES! I am done!" pose.

Next up was Ritmolatino

The crowd at 11.50pm

The last performance of the night was
They perform various covers, 
one that I could remember was linkin park's song
The petite lead singer wowed everyone with her powerful vocals
Very Rockish

Cute bassist :P

And that was the end of the event

Met a few familiar faces there because of Sunway Volunteer Club
providing their services for the event

Overall, this event had a majority of Nottingham Students and it was a very rockish concert.
There were a few ballads played and musical performances too.
Didn't eat anything for dinner because there weren't any food sold at the event.
So ended up starving the entire day.
The parking cost us RM10 per entry and the building was quite hard to find.

But after everything, an event this large scale done by students to raise money for charity
is one awesome event idea to help give back to
the community while still having fun.

Hope there is another Gen Y Music Fest in the future.
Can't wait to see what the future awaits for the wonderful event team from Nottingham University!

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