Event: GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection Launch

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Am really so blessed to be given the opportunity to attend this event. Thanks to none other than The Butterfly Project for the invite. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to attend such a glam event :)

Love handbags?
In love with designer collection?
Don't know which bag is the latest in the market?

GUESS Malaysia launched their new GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Collection yesterday.
Their collection consist of Timeless, Primrose, My G's, Patty, Tilda & Golden Cage.
It was a time where I felt like Carrie in Sex In The City.
Suddenly, everything felt like it was a fairy tale dream.

Met lots of wonderful bloggers there and got to network.
Made a few friends and got to meet with a PR of another company
Honestly, I love events like this.
Helps to bring all the marketing and PR people to me.
Got invited for another VIP Launch. 
This time it's a make up brand.
Anyways back to Guess event :)

The theme of the event was white and well I just couldn't decide
In the end, I went with the 3rd outfit.
Wish I got more clothes to mix and matched.
Everyone at the event looked so posh and chic. oh wells.

Amelia and I after class

So after class, got home, nap and got ready for the event.

I actually put on a lot of make up but somehow on the pictures,
it looked like I didn't even try.
Ugh, life as a girl.

Wore my disco shoes since the theme was white. teeehee :)

It was held at the Gardens.

First time that I drove to the Gardens alone, 
thank goodness for Waze.
Honestly that app has saved me so many times <3

It felt like Christmas came early at GUESS.
Everyone was dressed in white. Even their in-store fake wall.
Let me explained, they actually installed white fake wall to the store to make it more glam
and match with the theme.
Talk about hardcore wei.

My first shot at the event.
ugh I look so awkward. haha

See all the white wall in the store? It was there temporary just for the event.
Looks so posh and refined right?
Seriously it was my first time entering a GUESS Store actually.

Registration table

Good thing that GUESS placed this outside of their store

There were A LOT OF PEOPLE who were shopping at Gardens
that just GAWK/STARE at us as we were at the event.
Guess they never seen so many bloggers at one event before ;)

Got to know this awesome chem engineer blogger.
So cool right her major?
Well check out her blog here :)

Totally fell in love with the leopard clutch.
It was the first thing I saw.
Apparently theses bags (picture above) were the older collection.
Still loved it anyways. It's what I would use :D

Pretty right?
Could have just walked away with this baby.
If I'm not wrong, this is worth RM599

These were their new Luxe Collection

Top: Golden Cage (RM899)
Bottom: Tilda (RM 1K - RM1.2K)

Closer look of Tilda

Closer look of Golden Cage

Top: Golden Cage (Bag - RM1.2K, Purse - RM200+)
Bottom: Tilda

Closer look of Tilda Clutch


Not sure which category these bag are
But I love the duo tone bag.
So chic.

Got one of the shop assistant to pose with the Golden Cage Purse

Golden Cage ought to be my favourite out of the entire Luxe Collection
They have the golden lining around the bag that makes it so luxury :)

The entire crowd were filled with bloggers
Everyone busy enjoying the food and socializing


Made another blogger buddy to at the event
Here she is with the Golden Cage Purse
Check out her blog here 

All of us with our fav bags of Luxe Collection

Golden Cage (left) vs Tilda (right)
Hmmmm. Which is better? :P

Not sure if you all notice my pictures looking like there was mist
but I realise half way thru the event that my S3 camera was cover with dirt.
So hence the bad quality of pictures *.*
Sorry >.<

Bellow onward the pictures looked clearer :D

Our host for the event, Patricia K. 

She talked like a pro la.
Been for her other events where she hosted as well.
Today was perfectly hosted without any glitches

Soon, dancers/models came in with the various bags from Luxe Collection
They did a very sultry dance for us all.

The dance was perfect despite everyone crowding in to watch it.
In was very entertaining.
Instead of a catwalk, a danced was showed :)

The next event GUESS had in store for us blogger was a giveaway
of their 3 Guess Luxe Bags!

Bloggers had to snap a picture of them with the bag, hashtag it and instagram it.
We were only given 20minutes to do it.
You should have seen everyone.
The girls went wild and just jumped to the nearest bag.
They posed like supermodels.

Here's mine, I only submited one picture.
Not so supermodel like. haha

Everyone was busy taking all their pictures
and instagraming it.
All I did was enjoy the event with the people around me.

Here is the food served during the event

It tasted like pan mee

Mini Beef Burger

Shrimps on a toast

Tuna on a toast

There was another one that I forgotten to take a picture of,
its mushroom tart.
It tasted so weird but I wanted to have more.
Too bad that finished the first D:

Patricia and I

After 20minutes, they announced the winners

Check out the stuff!! D':

Third place won a purse

Second place won a clutch/mini handbag

Her reaction was just priceless
Was happy for her :)

And drum-rolls to the first place winner....

She won herself a handbag worth RM1k

The winners enjoying themselves :)

Kay (the one who got me Jaspal invite) & I

Celyx & I

Tammy & I

All three of us together

Last shot of me with my GUESS goodie bag <3

Need to learn how to pose at the photo corner. haha

GUESS Goodie bag

Freebies <3


 Pendrive from GUESS!

This month I already receive 2 pendrives.
Plus I still got 3 more events to go until October ends

Event started at 6pm and got home at 9pm

Was hungry again, so maggie was there for me :P

End of the day all tired and icky.

For more info of the products, see

Btw I couldn't fine a GUESS FB Page.

Or head down to the nearest outlets if you want.

Have a good weekend xx
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